29 August 2014


Necklace - Accessorize, Scarf - c/o Boohoo, Top - Forever 21, Jeans - Topshop, Birkenstocks - c/o Sarenza

August isn't even over yet & I'm back in my cosiest of cosy scarves - this tartan piece from Boohoo. I got it last winter and wore it to death. It's essentially a blanket, so huge and lovely for snuggling up in. I know winter isn't quite with us yet, but it's nice to have something to sling round your shoulders if it does get a little nippy. 

The white jeans are the ones I got from Topshop at the start of the summer. I actually haven't worn them as much as I'd have liked to - I guess I am a bit nervy about being 'out there' in them, y'know? They aren't exactly the thing to go for when hiding lumpy-bumpy bits. I'm hoping I'll wear them over winter - I know, white doesn't exactly scream winter fashion - but I think with a big slouchy jumper I'll feel brave enough to wear them more. 


27 August 2014


Hat - H&M, Jacket - c/o Missguided, Top - Forever 21, Shorts - c/o Missguided, Boots - Forever 21

Well this is as summery as it's going to get now - oh how I'm going to miss not having to worry whether or not tights look okay with an outfit! I really take for granted being able to get my legs out over the sunny season.. I love spending my life rolling about in shorts & little dresses - definitely need to move to LA or somewhere suitably hot & fabulous.

The shorts I'm wearing today are a pair I got at the start of the summer - they come with a matching top that makes a dreamy matchy-matchy combo. Today I've just worn them with a Missguided jacket I got a while back. It's my 'one day I shall take you to a festival' jacket. It's made for a weekend of music and sunshine, not my back garden.


25 August 2014


Sunglasses - Skiathos Town, Shirt - Charity Shop, Shorts - Primark, Slip Ons - Topshop, Bag - c/o Paul's Boutique

We're indoors - bear with the pictures, I'm working on getting used to this set up once again. I've just had a switcharoo with my room, meaning I've got a tiny bit more room to be taking pictures. What do you reckon to a change of scenery? I'll still go back to the outdoors when I get chance, but sometimes the weather's against me. In fact, most days the weather's against me. 

Today's outfit is 'I'm maximising the effect of this tan while I can'.. And how do you maximise your tan? Wear white. Well, I'm hoping that worked. I've grown to love an all white outfit for summer, it's kind of simple and no effort. Who wants to be faffing about too much when you're off out in sticky hot sunshine? 


23 August 2014


Outfit 1 - Shirt, Jeans & Shoes - c/o Dorothy Perkins, Coat - H&M
Outfit 2 - Textured Top, Trousers & Shoes - c/o Dorothy Perkins, Fur Scarf - Zara, Hat - Boohoo

So when Dorothy Perkins asked me to get involved with this A/W style essentials post I was hella' excited. As much as I'm not a fan of colder weather, I probably love A/W fashion a whole lot more. Especially the must have basics that you spend October - February wearing. 

My basics this year are the Skinny Roll Up Jeans & the Textured Top - aren't they both lovely?! I've recently discovered that jeans are something I can no longer live without (before all these super soft denims I was never a fan - way too uncomfortable!). I now always go for jeans when I'm not sure what to wear. It's flats and a slouchy top for daytime and heels and some nice shirt for an evening out when I don't want to look like I've tried too hard.. When I've in fact spent a good 20 minutes staring into my wardrobe wondering what I should go for. 

The textured top is another wardrobe item I'm going to wear to death this winter. It's just the right kind of thing for layering up with cozy scarves & big thick coats. Dare I say it.. I'm actually getting excited about A/W just thinking about the outfits. Cute winter clothing is definitely the best part of a few months freezing your bits off.

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