25 October 2016


Sometimes, I find talking about my outfits tricky. The thing is, I like pretty basic styles. I’m also mostly monochrome, and generally go for simple fits. There are no crazy new prints, bright shades or out-there embellishments. I guess when I started blogging there was more of that, but I’ve grown up with this blog and over time I’ve worked out my style. I think it’s just sussing out what’s really ‘you’ – I don’t like anything that makes me stand out too much, I’m happy to be glam but also just as happy casual, and I love the classic wardrobe staples. After all these years of buying my own clothes it’s about time I worked out what I actually like!  

I think the main thing for sussing out your style is giving yourself time. It took me years to finally look at my wardrobe and think this is ‘me’… Summing up yourself in a bunch of clothes is kind of difficult anyway. It’s not necessarily going to take that long, but I don’t think anyone works out their style overnight. If they did, I’d have been stuck in the slightly emo stage I was once mad for, probably wearing one of those black and white scarves. Lol. Noughties teens all went there. Aaaand, even though I’m happy with my style now, I know it’s going to probably alter and reshape itself over time. Unless I’m ever faithful to adidas Superstar trainers in my 40s. Time, being selective with outfits and working around your favourite basics are all my biggies for deciding where you’re at on the personal style front. 

What I’m wearing here is the typical thing I now go for. Basic black trousers, a soft knit and my favourite white trainers. I love this sort of thing… I feel like it’s pretty plain, but not completely boring with the trouser pleats and big sunglasses to stop it being too casual. This though, is where it comes back to finding outfit blogging tricky… Similar outfits, different day, you know?! I could probably rename the blog ’Different Ways to Wear Black Trousers’.

Sunglasses - Céline / Jumper - H&M / Trousers - New Look / Bag - ZARA / Trainers - adidas Superstar
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20 October 2016


When & Other Stories got in touch a few weeks ago about their new store opening in Leeds I was super duper excited… Not only do I love Leeds (unaaay nostalgia!) but I’m also a lover of the brand. It’s a site I head to and get lusty eyes over everything! They do those classic, simple styles that I love, perfect for updating wardrobe basics and adding stand out pieces.

In celebration of the new store opening I’m wearing a & Other Stories outfit, featuring some of the latest from their A/W range. I actually think this is my favourite outfit in a long time! It’s kind of smart, but has that fun, girly vibe to it thanks to the bare legs. Most of what I’m wearing revolves around that coat – isn’t it a freaking dream?! I think it’ll quickly become my most worn item this winter. I’ve always been into a long coat, but this one is made beautifully and makes me feel extra swishy when I’m dashing about. Love.

The new Leeds store is open from today at Victoria Gate, a really fun part of Leeds’ shopping scene. Across two floors, the new opening has a real mix of affordably priced accessories, bags, jewellery, beauty products, shoes and ready-to-wear collections. It’ll be the first place I hit up when I’m next in Leeds… I love heading over for a shopping trip as it has all the amazing clothes stores! The lovely pieces above are also available online, if you’re not able to make it in store. I’m already eyeing up another pair of boots… The new styles for this season are beautiful! 
Outfit - & Other Stories
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19 October 2016


With October in full swing I’m finally getting into all things autumnal – hot drinks, snuggly evenings and layering up on chilly days. I also love all the seasonal events at this time of year too… Halloween and Bonfire Night are my forever favourites! It goes without saying that Halloween is fun for dressing up, but planning winter warmers for Bonfire Night is also something I love – gimme those fluffy knits!

So, picking an outfit for Bonfire Night means I want something practical, without feeling like I look three stone heavier in thick clothing. Instead, I like to layer up so that I’m super snuggly, but still able to move my arms and legs. The outfit I’m wearing here is just the sort of thing I go for – it alwaaays has to involve a ridiculously cute, fluffy jumper! This one from LookAgain is probably the coziest thing I own right now, and with a long sleeved top underneath and the mac over the top I’m all wrapped up for an evening watching fireworks.

Alongside layering up, there are a few accessory bases I have to tick off the list before I dare venture to any bonfire. Yup, it’s the obvious ones, but where would we be without bobble hats, fluffy scarves and a good pair of gloves?!
BagHat  / Snood / Gloves 
So, not only do I want to stay warm, but I’ve also got no time for getting third degree burns with sparklers. I love the fluffy pair here – they’re just a fun take on what’s practical. The beret style hat is also something I’m obsessed with… It’s extra cute! Along with the cosy favourites I also make sure I've got a decent sized bag to chuck everything in if I do end up too toasty. The Quilted Rucksack from Laura Scott is just the sort of casual I love for a dressed down event like this - need. 

Have you stocked up on any A/W essentials yet?! I’m loving all the new styles for this season – I’ve been well overdue a wardrobe refresh!
Sunglasses - Celine / Long Trench Coat, Jumper & Jeans - Look Again / Boots - & Other Stories
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13 October 2016


It's been a good while since I had chance to do a beauty update. I don't change things up that often, but since my last favourites post I've found a few products that have become a part of my everyday routine. I think it's because I've been trying to mix my brands up a little - normally I just go for the same old stuff from the same old companies! NYX coming to the UK has made my bank account suffer, and I've also been stocking up on a few American beauty newbies via Beauty Bay. Even in the most rushed mornings (I've perfected a messy makeup routine to 5 minutes...) I end up using all these products. 
Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray
Me and setting sprays are a bit iffy. Sometimes I just don't find they 'do' that much. I was even a little dissapointed with the Urban Decay one. The thing is, I've got oil slick skin. In a few hours I can look like I've got no base makeup on, so really any product like this is fighting a losing battle anyway! Up to now though, the Slay All Day Setting Spray is probably the only one that I actually think makes a difference. It doesn't feel tacky on my skin, but does sort of feel like it's there, y'know? Anyway, it helps my foundation stay on my chops a little longer so that'll do for me. 

Benefit Ready, Steady Brow! Clear Brow Gel
Personally, this is just the sort of brow gel I like. It does dry kind of stiff, but I love feeling like my brows are lacquered into place! Mine can be extra unruly, which means I need something hardcore to get them under control. Up to now I've been using this magazine freebie, but I'll definitely go and buy one when it runs out. 

NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Sandstorm
I've raved about the Suede Lipsticks before as I love the formulation, but it's Sandstorm that's become my everyday lip colour. It's a taupe-y nude, something that goes perfectly with the monochromatic makeup I tend to go for. If you love those brown-ish nudes, then this is one to try. NYX would make my liiiife if they added some more neutral tones to the colour range. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in Riviera 
Because it's so prettyyyyy. Both in the pan and on the skin! I'd been wanting to try the ABH Illuminators for yonks and I've not been disappointed... In my opinion everyone needs a bit of rose gold shimmer on their face. Ha. It is quite a full on highlight - you definitely don't need much to get a good glow, but with highlight I guess you want it semi-noticable. Unless we're all thinking folk were born with glitzy cheekbones. 

NYX HD Finishing Powder
I started out on the Translucent version of this, but I've now moved onto Banana. It took me a while to find, but it was worth hunting down - I've heard NYX are low on stock across the country?! Both shades work really well for me, but Banana just feels like a nice option for olive toned skin. I'ld probably go for Translucent when I'm embracing pale, then Banana when I'm layering up on the fake tan. 

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11 October 2016


Jumper - ZARA / Jeans - ASOS / Bag - H&M / Boots - ZARA 
Uhhhuh. Bought another pair of jeans. I don't wear blue denim that often (generally because blue isn't black... lol), but I just wanted some basics to wear on casual days. Lighter denim always feels like a relaxed option, and while I like dressing smart-ish, it's nice to have something laid back for those jeans and a tee days. Or in my case, the love of my life that is the turtle neck.

The ASOS Farleigh Jeans are a fit that I'm a big fan of right now. That frilled pair are also Farleighs, and I find they work really well for my body type... If you've got a big bum and a waist then these are winners! When it comes to denim I need something that my hips won't be busting out of, while staying fitted to my waist. Praise the Lord when brands can find a fit that works for curvy shapes! The denim doesn't sag on me either - they're sturdy enough to hold everything in without feeling uncomfortable. 

Mayyybe I'll add another pair to my life. It's likely I'll go for black, but who knows... I could get adventurous and go for a bolder blue!

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