17 April 2014


Wonderbra (Basso & Brooke Range), Headband - Primark, Bracelet - Accessorize, Watch - c/o Daniel Wellington, Shoes - Topshop

I guess it could be construed a tad weird posting about how to 'dress up' undies on here. However, I'm   not necessarily saying this is at all for the benefit of your other half. I'm more thinking for those days when you've treated yourself to some mega pretty undies, and feel that you're wasting them by tucking them up in jeans and a t-shirt. So anyhoo, I thought I'd do a bit of an 'accessorising up' post.. the sort of bits & bobs that I'd pick to go with an extra special underwear day. 

And yep, this evidently isn't the full outfit.. well, unless you're just having a day bopping about to naff pop music in your room (I never do that.. ). For me, I'd probably add a black maxi and just button up the shirt a bit.. but then maybe I'd swap it for white skinny jeans for a sunny day?! You get my drift.. it's all about mixing & matching with whatever you've got in your wardrobe. Why not have your undies as the starting point?!


15 April 2014


 Two Piece - Primark, Top - Topshop, Boots - c/o La Moda

I think this little two piece has gained a bit of notoriety in the blogosphere.. we've all seen it, we've all lusted after it then we've all searched through our local Primarks to try and hunt it down. Generalising just a little bit there, but I do think this is a good call on Primarks part.. I mean it's a two piece (everyone loves a co-ord right now), it's monochrome (hands down winner with me) and it was only £25 (the Gods of bargain hunting rejoice!). So yep, I'm blaming Primark's design team for my bank balance's woes right now.

Anyway, I kept everything monochrome today with one of my favourite Topshop shirts. Nothing too flouncy, just a smart, simple fit. I bought this way back in October for the Cosmo Blog Awards and I was adamant that I'd wear it to death, mainly because for me, spending £30 on a simple top seems like quite a lot! Forgive me, I'm still in the student mindset. Thankfully, it goes with everything & I now feel I've got my money's worth. Ha.. quality over quantity Lydia!!


13 April 2014


Outfit - c/o Forever 21
Top - DIY Tie Dye

So here's the second part of my festival inspired DIY extravaganza and even if I do say so myself, I love it quite a lot! When I first set about on a tie dye mission, I did think the outfit would look better with the top just plain white. Thankfully, once I put it all together I decided that the bright pink actually went really well.. in a kind of clashy, 'I'm too cool to match my clothes' kind of way. As everyone knows, 'cool' isn't exactly my middle name.. but I can have a go at pretending every once in a while right?!

For me, this is definitely my kind of festival outfit. Having never been to a festival (told you cool doesn't really bode well with me), this was a way for me to get all dreamy about the kind of thing I'd go for. I definitely think Forever 21 would be a go to for sorting out an outfit for summery shindigs.. their New In section has got me planning holiday outfits for a holiday that doesn't currently exist. Ha.

I have got pictures of the tie-dye process for you all, although I'm sure it's something you could all work out. I may upload at some point if people would be interested?! I've really enjoyed getting into the spirit of summer with a crafty session.. Tie-dye is always one of my favourite projects, mainly because you never know what the heck you're going to end up with! To say this top was only £4.75 (here) & the dye only £2.99 (plus I've still got loads left for my next dying sesh), I think it's one of the best (& bargainous!) ways to come up with something unique.

11 April 2014


 Outfit - c/o Forever 21
DIY Shorts - Update on how I did these to come!

For me, summer is the season of doing DIYs. I've spent many a warm day making friendship bracelets in the sun, sitting stirring a bucket full of tees getting tie dyed & flicked bleach over denim like a crazy person. With the garden suddenly looking like spring has sprung, out came the bucket & the bleach.

As I'm trying to get into the summer spirit, Forever 21 kindly hooked me up with a couple of festival esq outfits perfect for going to town on DIY wise. If you can't wear bleached up, high waisted shorts at a festival when can you?! These distressed beauties actually came out a lot better than I expected.. you can't really go wrong with this sort of thing but you never know exactly what the result will be! The bleach splatters are now a dreamy match for the little lace detail top & knit cardigan.

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