17 December 2014


Jumper - c/o Warehouse, Flares - H&M, Bag - c/o La Moda, Boots - c/o Forever 21

This is the kind of outfit where there's not much going on, but that's what I like about it. Just a jumper and flares, nothing fancy or totally 'out there', but it's the kind of thing I wear a lot. That jumper you've all seen a lot recently. It'll be one of my favourites from this season I think. A nice soft knit you can't go wrong with. 

The flares are the same. You've seen them a lot. I probably should have bought some proper ones (these are just lace leggings I have to wear with thick tights and two pairs of boy short pants so you don't see my bum.. glamorous) as I wear them so much. They're on my I-want-but-I'll-never-get-round-to-buying list.

Other than that there's just that little shoulder bag in there. I've been using this one quite a lot over the last few weeks. It's big enough to fit all my garbage in without lugging around something the size of a small suitcase. An oldie but a goldie from La Moda. 


15 December 2014


Coat - c/o Boohoo, Bra (just seen) - c/o Urban Outfitters, Leggings - H&M, Boots - Oooold.. Possibly Dotty P back in the day?!

Bit of an iddy biddy post today. It's not really a full outfit, but there are few bits and bobs I can ramble on about. 

Firstly the hair. I'm same old same old when it comes to my hair, so sticking a tiny bit of it up like this is different for me. I quite like this kind of thing especially when it's all looking a bit deshevilled (it definitely is). The only thing I would say is this.. NEVER THINK IT'S OKAY TO PUT YOUR HAIR IN AN ELASTIC BAND. I know, it was stupid on my part. But times are hard and hair bobbles are few. I have learnt my lesson.

Other details of mention. No. 7 Nude Lip Liner, smudged in with MAC Sheer Plum lippy (I've heard it's now been discontinued.. sob). My favourite combo at the minute. There's a tiny bit of bra flashing thrown in there too. It's a super pretty strappy thing that's wasted on being kept under clothing. I'm always looking for side boo outfits to wear with it. Forgive me.


13 December 2014


Scarf - c/o Boohoo, Turtle Neck - Zara, Coat - H&M, Skirt - c/o Fenchurch, Boots - Forever 21
When I wear some sort of fancy-schmancy accessory like this I always end up wearing black. I wish I was one of those people who could rock this hole clashing, mixture of prints and styles sort of thing, but I'm just not. I look like a total uncomfortable loon in anything like that. So black it is. 

I guess it shows off that scarf anyway. I'm having a 'it's so fluffy I'm gonna diiiie' moment. All that fluff does make you feel pretty glamorous. I think I want to save it for wandering round Christmas markets feeling all festive. How is there less than two weeks to go?! Crazy.


11 December 2014


Choker - c/o Boohoo, Jumper - c/o Boohoo, Belt - Primark, Culottes - Primark, Boots - Forever 21

Another quick one from me. My indoors pictures are always debatable, so I usually only get a few snaps. Or two, to be precise. I'll be playing with my new fancy schmancy lighting this weekend though, so we'll see how that works out. Hopefully it's going to revolutionise my world of taking blog pictures. Ha. We'll see. It does make filming a lot easier, the only thing is I'm not sure I like seeing my face so clear. In reality that bit of blur and lesser quality is a lot more forgiving..

Anyway, that's my millionth ramble about this lighting stuff. Today was just a simple day, something quite warm and comfortable for work (that belt gets looser throughout the day). I think I'm going to wear a similar version of this outfit with a Christmas jumper for something sickeningly festive. How quick is Christmas coming round by the way?! I'll definitely be taking somewhat Christmassy outfits over the next week or so so keep an eye out for that. I mean marginally festive, not me dressed as a Christmas tree.

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