1 May 2016


It's the 1st of May and I'm already feeling festival vibes. For someone who's never actually been to a festival that probably is a tad ridiculous, but I still love all the boho fashion and beauty looks that come with the season. Gimme glitter eyeshadow and braided up-dos. 

This hair was mostly me with a bit of free time, faffing around with the backcombing brush. I do really love it though! It's fun and cutesy and the sort of thing I just wish I could pull off on a day to day business. Unfortunately, I don't think I can quite rock space buns for the 9 - 5. Boo. 

It's a super duper quick one and pretty easy to do once you've sussed it, so if you do have a go let me know how you get on! 

28 April 2016


To me, Spring is a great time to for a denim update. It’s when I like to dig out some of my lighter washes, and maybe treat myself to a new fit for the warmer months ahead. In the past I’ve gone with Mom jeans and slouchy boyfriend shapes, but this year I’m heading for the crop.

The cut off style was actually one I wasn’t sure about – I guess I initially though it’d be something like the pairs I used to go for in the noughties, matched with a strappy top and white eye shadow (I think it’s universal that we’re all not okay with the fact that teens are now skipping this stage). Instead, the style now seems a lot more ‘grown up’, something that my 24-year-old self can get away with.

The pair I’m wearing here are new in from H&M… A casual, lighter wash just right for this in-between season where the weather can’t quite make it’s mind up. It may only be a little ankle flash, but it’s a nod to warmer temperatures to come, without freezing your nips off.   

I’ve mostly been wearing these with my mid heels to lengthen my legs out a bit. I do feel like I need an extra bit of height in this cut, but for keeping things casual I love those blocky heels. I hope I get round to wearing this denim pair on a summer night out though – I’m sure they’d be larrrvely with a strappy black heel & off the shoulder top. In my head I’ve got Dirty Dancing vibes crossed with Sandy from Grease? 

Sunglasses - Céline / Jumper - Primark / Jacket - H&M / Bag - H&M / Jeans - H&M / Mid Heels - Topshop

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25 April 2016


I think anyone that’s a reader of my blog will have clocked on to the fact that I’m really into my lip products. I’m a bit of a hoarder with an embarrassing collection, but I do love trying out something new. This week I’m using Smashbox’s Be Legendary collection, creating my favourite lip look with their clear Always Sharp Lip Liner, Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Famous and Insta-Matte Lip Transformer.

Naturally, I opted for a matte, nude lip – a look I wear regularly. For long lasting colour, I started out with the Always Sharp Lip Liner, something that kind of fascinates me. I wasn’t sure how a clear lip liner would work at first, but it manages to act as a great base for lipstick, preventing any awkward smudges and bleeding. I tend to over line my lips a little to even them out, so this one is really handy for getting that precise application. The colour I’ve then gone over with, Famous is just my sort of shade - something I can wear for daytime, but also opt for with a smokey eye on an evening out.

To finish I just slicked on a bit of the Insta-Matte Lip Transformer and I was good to go! This one is a matte lipstick lover’s essential. You know the matte lipsticks you own that aren’t quite hitting your non-shiny standards? The struggles. Patting on a little bit of this blurs out any shine, without leaving your lips feeling like a crusty cob. I love that it means you can get two lipstick finishes out of one!

Have any of you checked out the new Be Legendary range? I’ve been searching the hashtag looking at shades from the rest of the range – I’m such a sucker for upping my shopping list via Instagram!

For your chance to win your own Be Legendary ‘Lip Look’, just comment on this post on Instagram tagging @smashboxcosmeticsuk and the hashtag #BeLegendary telling me what your favourite lip look is!


 *This post is sponsored, all views are my own.
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24 April 2016


Ahem. Bare legs. Okay, it didn't last long. I did have to throw over a jumper and a longer coat, but I was determined this weekend would be a chance for my legs to see sunlight again. I'm so ready for the warmer days! 

I'd not actually worn this dress before - it's relatively new, but I couldn't face having to stick it with tights. I guess it is the sort I could wear on an evening out, but I love this sort of thing dressed down with trainers. It feels really girly, without being too dolled up. 

Hair & makeup also ended up being quite feminine. I went pretty natural apart from the pinkish lip - that shade is one of my favourites right now. Hair was an undo as my locks were probably 90% dry shampoo today... I'm trying to stop washing my hair everyday as I know it's really stripping it!

Anyway, I'm off for a Lush bath now as I've spent all day faffing about editing this one - I was filming at 8am and we're live by 6pm. For me, that's pretty speedy. Ha. All details are linked in the video description! 

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23 April 2016


Blogging is one of those things where there’s no ceiling – you could just keep spending money on things for it. There’s always a better camera, or another blogger essential handbag that’s got to be added to your OOTDs. When it comes down to it though, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to produce good content.

Over the years, I have made a couple of investments – most of which I’ve found to be really useful. Admittedly there have been things I didn’t need (a white backdrop which I’ve yet to unfold – no shock it doesn’t quite fit in my current childhood bedroom), but I’ve mostly sussed where it’s worth putting my time and money.  If you are looking to make a bit of an investment without going crayyyyzy, then these are the areas I’ve found to be worthwhile.

Okay, time in general is worth your investment. I think to an extent you get out what you put in, especially when you first start out blogging… The more hours I put into working on it the more I get back. Whether it’s getting social on Twitter or taking some extra blog pictures, if you’ve got the time to spare then eventually you’ll see the benefits.  

I’m a firm believer that you don’t need an amazing camera to be an amazing blogger. It helps, but it isn’t a huge deal. I’m influenced by just as many bloggers that take pictures on iPhones as I am by those taking them on the fanciest of DSLRs.

If you’re looking for a little investment though, I’d say a camera is the first worthwhile blogging purchase. I started out with the most basic DSLR, which I could still happily use. I would say that lenses are where you’re better spending your money after that though. I’ve bought a couple of different cameras since my first, when really I’d have probably been better updating my lens collection. A different lens can make a whopping difference to the shot you take.

This is one thing I wouldn’t want to be without when it comes to blogging, mainly because it makes life so much easier.  Natural light is always unpredictable, so lighting solutions can alleviate the blogger probs. It’s also something you can pick up really cheap – you can get basic soft boxes for about £40 on eBay. I went for an inexpensive soft box for product shots and recently purchased the Neewer ring light for portraits – one or the other works just fine though.

Blog Design
Not an essential, but again basic blog design is relatively inexpensive and has a big effect. God only knows what I’d have done to my blog if I’d carried on with my basic knowledge of HTML. There are loads of blog designers out there that offer templates for less than I spend on an average trip to Topshop. I remember when I first updated my blog ‘look’ and felt like I’d suddenly got this professional little space on the Internet! In the past I’ve used Pipdig and always loved how things turned out.

Blogger ‘Knowledge’
Lol. I didn’t really know how to describe this one – I guess it goes hand in hand with ‘Time’. Basically, I think it’s really worthwhile to soak up as much info about blogging as possible. From getting the odd book on photography (‘Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs is a goodie) to sussing out Twitter analytics, I don’t think you can learn enough about all this blogging stuff. It’s something that can be beneficial in the future too – I work in social media now, and that’s essentially as a result of what I picked up through blogging.  

So – nothing I’m saying you’ve got to go out and buy, but if you are wanting to invest in blogging then that’s what I’d say is a good start. If the gods of DSLR cameras would like to drop down with a schmancy-pants, top notch model then that’s great, but I think I’ve managed quite well so far. If you have got any other essentials you want to share definitely let me know! 


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