21 November 2014


All Clothing - c/o Daisy Street

So, the lovely guys at Daisy Street asked me if I was up for picking a few A/W favourites and styling them up I of course got a bit excited. Naturally, I stayed pretty monochrome.. but I know that I have plenty of existing items in my wardrobe that I can blend these essentials in with.

Now, I guess this outfit is a bit of a mis-match..  but I love that kind of thing. I'm a bit dolled up with the shirt and skirt, then dressed down with the oversized coat (the fluffiest thing ever..) and big chunky boots. Oh the boots. I am indeed in love. They take me back to my much loved chunky shoe era, something I thought I'd grown out of. Deep down I want to spend my life clomping about in big as boots Julia Stiles 10 Things I Hate About You style.

If you want to have a look at my picks from Daisy Street then have a nosey over here.

19 November 2014


Beret - Boohoo, Turtle Neck - H&M, Coat - H&M, Culottes - H&M (there's a pattern emerging..), Boots - Forever 21, Bag - c/o Paul's Boutique

Just a quick one today, with a few shots my ma took whilst out on a wander. This was a couple of weeks ago, hence flashing the ankles. I'd say now it's definitely getting too cold for any kind of ankle cleavage.. I'm now head to toe wrapped up. It's  unlikely that any flesh below my neck will  now be seen before April.

I'm kind of sad about that because I've only just really got into wearing culottes. On a short gal like myself it's a bit of an awkward length, but I've finally got my head around it, as long as there's an inch or so heel involved.


17 November 2014


Bobble Hat - c/o Amelia Jane London, Jumper - Boohoo, Coat - c/o Bank Fashion, Jeans - Vintage Levi's, Boots - Forever 21, Watch - c/o Daniel Wellington

I'm wearing two things I'm neway obsessed with today. One's the fluffy bobble hat, and the other is the big thick coat. They're two winter essentials that I just know I'll wear to death over the coming months. 

The coat is carrying on that pastel trend we had last year I guess.. Updating it with a bit of a Kimye vibe thanks to that big collar and it's sturdy material. I love it, plus it goes perfecut with my typically monochrome outfits.

I'll start with a quick mention about the hat. It's from Amelia Jane London, who do incredibly cute fluffy winter accessories. I naturally went for black, but there's a part of me that really wants a baby pink one. They also do hats to go over riding helmets that are lovely enough for me to suddenly want to get on a pony.


15 November 2014


Jacket - c/o Koko Couture, Choker - Topshop, Bug Necklace - c/o Elkin, Crop Top - Primark, Jeans - Primark, Boots - c/o Deichmann, Bag - c/o Paul's Boutique

I've been meaning to show you this jacket for a while. It's kind of MJ 80s outfit meets 2014.. but I'm completely into that. It's shere,  swishy and white, one of my favourites after black. Plus it's that kind of jacket that constitutes as a top. It's not too thic to be wearing indoors and that sheer material just makes it feel like a fancy shirt. 

Just about everything else I'm wearing is stuff you'll have probably seen before. I buy too many clothes yet I'm forever wearing the same few things.. logic. The only newbie is the bag. Can you believe it's from Paul's Boutique?! They've got some really lovely styles in for A/W. I'm loving this one's boxy shape.. Perfect for fitting in my iPad and all the other Mary Poppin esq. essentials I lug around with me. 

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