28 September 2014


Just a few little favourites from this month. Shoes, sunnies and a good book. My kind of stuff.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower
Who doesn't like this book really?! I'm that total copout that watched the film before the book. Subsequently fell in love with Patrick, and now I'm quickly getting through this. 

Sunglasses - Magazine Freebie
I'm a cheapskate. My current favourite sunglasses are the pair I got free with a magazine. Dead shmancy Lydia.. Anna Wintour would recoil in horror. I like them though, so I don't mind that they cost next to nothing. 

Boots - Forever 21
I don't know why I've even included these.. You've seen them in every blinkin' outfit post right?! They're my favourite everyday shoe - a little heel that I can walk in, they're black and they're pointy. I think that's a good basis for any shoe.

26 September 2014


Hat - H&M, Crop Top - Primark, Scarf - Boohoo, Jeans - Missguided, Boots - Forever 21

Some of you might have seen me post about this outfit on Instagram.. it was a little thing I did for Company mad. It was the last ever print edition, something I’m gutted about - it’s been one of my favourite magazines for years! I’ve been reading Company since my teens and it was the one I always went for at the newsagents. It had all my kind of fashion in it and you got a fair amount of change from a fiver. Ha. That’s me being tight as usual. The mag is going to carry on online, but for me it’s not quite the same.. I like the idea of reading books on a Kindle but I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying the physical copies. 

Outfit wise I’m ready for Autumn. Bring on cold weather now. I’m bored of the in-between season, I want read hot summer or chilly winter. Deciding what to wear is so much easier when it’s one or the other! As a result I’ve been wearing this scarf since mid August. That is mainly because it’s the snuggliest thing ever.. I use it like a comfort blanket. Definitely need another duvet sized version of this. 


24 September 2014


Sunglasses - Magazine Freebie, Necklace - c/o Lola&Grace, Top - LNA Clothing, Leather Jacket - Topshop, Skirt - c/o Forever 21, Boots - c/o Forever 21

I loved this day. A week or so ago, at some pretty place for hot chocolate treats & a wander round in late summer sunshine. Wowzers, I sound a bit like I'm writing a crappy novel.. Back to the clothesy stuff.

Outfit wise it was all comfy and kind of lazy.. Nothing too matchy-matchy, tight, or swish looking. I'm big on comfort so I love everything that's made with super soft material & that's a bit oversized. The t-shirt is all those things, my favourite when I want something that's the clothing equivalent of a comfort blanket. Same goes for my jacket, it's on old faithful that in my eyes has aged as well as David Beckham. The leather's so soft after 5 years of wear!


22 September 2014


Scarf - Zara, T-Shirt - H&M, Ring - H&M

With full blown Autumn just around the corner I'm raking out all my winter warmers from the depths of my wardrobe. As much as I hate winter (it's only allowed to snow on my days off okay?!), I do love all the snuggly essentials that come with A/W fashion. Gloves, chunky knit hats & big fluffy scarves like this one.. Yes please!

This furry thaaang is my number one favourite for the nippy season. It's already a year old but it's one of those things that I know I'll have for yonks.. Faux fur around this time of year is one of those things that I don't think will ever get old. Plus whenever I wear anything like this I feel like a fancy, winter wonderland princess. Last year I wore it like collar, but this year I think I'll be wrapping myself up in it like this.. Hair tucked in, feeling super cosy.

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