26 May 2016


Okay, hooked is a strong word. Even still, I’m keeping up with this fitness business and thought it was time for a bit of an update. At the minute I go to the gym 3/4 times most weeks and fit in a pole class too. Yup, I’m not training for the Olympics, but from being a complete lazy bones I don’t think I’ve done bad. I wouldn’t say I’ve seen huge changes body wise or that I’ve even been keeping track much, but I now like the post gym feels.  

It is difficult to stick to though. I’ve had weeks where I’ve lagged a bit, looked in the mirror on a fat day and thought sod this. It happens to us all. Buuuut, after a few off occasions I’ve found worked out the ways that help me get back to it, and stick at it.  

Fit it in as much as possible.  

It’s only in the last few weeks that I’ve been trying to do this. When I think I’ve got a bit of time to fit in another gym trip or an extra class, I just go. I stop internally debating about it, pack my bag and set off. If I go and I’m completely rubbish and cba to spend longer than 5 minutes on a treadmill then that’s fine, because I’ve got myself up and I’ve been. Right now I try to do three morning trips, then fit an extra one in if I’ve got free time (& I’m bored with nothing to do!).

Go solo.

Okay, I’ve seen the good and bad sides to gym buddies. It’s great when you’ve got someone to lol with about the fact you can’t work out how to use that weird weight-y thing, but for me it can have its down sides… As in me & my gym buddy can easily sit and talk ourselves out of going at all. You know the usual ‘I’m not going if you’re not going’ thing. I really think if I’d not braved up to just going regularly on my own, then I would have sacked it off the minute my gym buddy wasn’t constantly around. It’s nice to have someone to go with, but I’m okay with being a Billy no mates too. Unless said gym buddy is a PT, in that case – be clingy as hellll.

Suss out your motivator.

It’s taken me a while to work out what really gets me ready to work out. In the past I’ve been into fitness accounts on Instagram, but recently I’m more about new gym clobber and seeing working out as a way to de-stress. The buying of new gym outfits needs no explanation – I like a fancy lycra outfit that doesn’t make me feel like I look completely horrific. Ha. De-stressing is a tad more important – I know now that doing something physical is a good way to zone out and forget about all those grown up things. That’s got me up and going more than anything, as I know I’ll feel better for it once I’ve been.
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24 May 2016


If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen a lot of this skirt. It’s been a big favourite as we’ve whizzed through Spring, becoming my go-to option for days when I don’t want to be stuck in trousers. Yeah, there has been plenty of time for bare legs, but sometimes it’s just been a little optimistic.

Here I was just off doing life admin, so I’m smart-casual. It’s nothing fancy, but I love this silky vest top for that kind of look. The jacket is just an inexpensive one from Boohoo – to me this is a real nice purchase for trend led items. I love cord and tan at the minute, but if it doesn’t make it to next year’s wardrobe it isn’t a biggie.

I’m getting back into blogging this week after giving myself a few days off. The exciting news is that I’m currently going through buying my first house (squeeealing on the inside) but naturally this is making life extra busy. I’m also trying to fit some more ‘me’ time in. For the last year or so I’ve put so much of my free time to blogging and as much as I enjoy it, I do need to give myself chance to remember who I am outside of my little internet bubble. Anyway, I’m hoping to be updating as normal now… And yuuuup, everything house-y related will soon be coming to the blog! Exciting.

Sunglasses - Céline / Vest Top - H&M / Bag - ZARA / Jacket - Boohoo / Skirt - ZARA / Boots - ZARA

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19 May 2016


A new range from Urban Decay is my kind of makeup update. The Alice in Wonderland collection is one I was extra hyped up about, mainly because I’m a big fan of the film – I love a classic, whimsical story. And Johnny Depp. Obviously. While I’m not one to regularly rock brights, I’ve been really excited to see how these earthy tones and statement shades work together. 

Alice Through The Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches L-R Paradox, Royal Flush, Duchess, Kingdom, Salazen Grum, Chronosphere
Eyeshadows first. I always think Urban Decay do hellaaa good on the eyeshadows front – what is life without the Naked palette?! I’ve had a few of the brighter palettes in the past, but this one is a goodie for tying in bold shades with my love for neutrals. I really like the mix of warm nudes and browns in the shimmer and matte finishes. Some of the shimmers are sparklier than others, but overall I’m a fan of how they look when applied. The ones I’ve swatched above are just some of my favourites – golden tones with reddish undertones, a good alternative to my usual flat mattes.  

Alice Through The Looking Glass Lipstick

Swatches L-R Iracebeth (Comfort Matte), Mirana (Metalizzed), Alice (Sheer Shimmer), Time (Metallized), Mad Hatter (Metallized)
Onto lipstick. These are so freaking fun to play around with! Surprisingly, I think I’m most into the blue. I can’t say for definite that I’d dare wear it out, but I can’t wait to give it a go in some makeup shots – it’s such an out there colour… Feeling like a sci-fi glitzy combo. Yup, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d be saying. Another favourite is Mirana, a brownish mauve with plenty of shimmer to it. I think this one would be a real winner for colder months - it’s something fun for livening up A/W looks. My final fave is the red shade. Red isn’t something I wear often, but I can vouch for this as a good egg... It's super duper pigmented and a non drying matte finish.  

The Alice in Wonderland collection is available now, so if you’re heading to the beauty counters then definitely get swatching away! I’d straight up go for the eyeshadow palette – the colour range and pigmentation is as I’ve come to expect from Urban Decay. It’s one that’s stocked me up with a whole load of options for a new season of shadows.  
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17 May 2016


Hey heyyy to the ‘I’m too hot/I’m too cold’ season! Yup, right now life feels like a constant toss up between freezing my nips off and the melty foundation face. I always find my main difficulty is making decisions on outerwear. Finding a good, lighter jacket that’s appropriate for the season is tough! In the end, it’s been the bomber jacket that I’ve found to be the best fit. 

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve ended up buying a few in different colours. They just go with so much in my wardrobe! I think it’s because I wear a lot of high-waisted bottoms – a good bomber seems to work well with a high waist. The babes at Boohoo sent this 'Squad' one out. So cute, and  it's the best Instagram worthy item of clothing I own. Lol. You know though, the sort of thing that's going to make a bomb Instagram snap. Okay, I'm gonna stop and get back to reality.

For Spring and cooler Summer days, the bomber jacket is just right for me. They cover up my arms to keep the chill out, but it's also the kind of thing I can screw up in my (Mary Poppins) bag when the sun shows its face. I'm loving the black for basics, but I've also just ordered a dusky pink one for something a bit fancy. Now I'm saying this I'm definitely thinking I'm going to look like a Pink Lady, but hey ho. 

Sunglasses - Céline / Jumper - Topshop / Bomber Jacket - Boohoo / Bag - H&M / Pleather Trousers - H&M / Boots - ZARA

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15 May 2016


Yup. I've got a bit of a thing for Khloe Kardashian's hair at the minute - it's just all the blonde/touseled waves goals rolled into one. I ended up going a lighter blonde after getting serious hair envy... I'm now the blondest I've been in a long time! I really like it so far. It feels girly and like I'm prepped for summer. 

Style wise I've been going for these beachy waves most days since freshening up my colour. I'm loving that Babyliss 38mm curling wand I picked up the other week - it's perrrrfect for this sort of look. It's a really easy hairstyle that doesn't take too much time... On work days I've just been roughly curling it, then going through properly like in the video when it's a day off. Right, I'm heading off as I'm binge watching Peaky Blinders. My sort of Sunday evening! 

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