27 February 2015


Antique Pot, Silver - H&M & Pandora, Watch - c/o Shore Projects, Camera Case, iPad Case - eBay, Macbook Sleeve - eBay, Knitted Trousers - ZARA

I guess I should probably be thinking ahead to SS15, but my head is still telling me to go for everything grey - my fave this season. Yeah it's probably been a bit over done now, but I still like it as a change from monochrome. There are a few bits thrown in this post that aren't 'new in' as such but there all things I'm not sure I've probably mentioned. 

So grey wise - firstly it was the gadget related bits & bobs. I've included these because if you're bothered about your shoes you're bothered about that iPad looking cute. Ha. Well, for me I like to keep everything looking smart. I only ever buy stuff like this off eBay. Why would I spend £30 on a case that I can get for just over a fiver on there?! I'd been lusting over the mock-marble case for the Macbook (in true copycat style.. bloggers seem to be mad for the marble thing at the minute, myself included) and ended up getting this grey felt cover and the little flip case for my iPad. The Macbook sleeve is one of my best eBay purchases in ages! It was only £7 and it looks way more schmancy than you'd expect. I also popped my camera case in there. It's fits my Samsung NX Mini just right and makes it look extra cute popped in my handbag. YAY for eBay.

I will quickly mention the trousers as I've had quite a lot of comments on Instagram about these. I got them in store last week and I don't think they're online anymore - I spent months looking for them after I originally saw them at full price. If you're after a pair I'd say hunt them down in your local ZARA. It took a few trips to their sale before they had these back in but it was worth it to get them for £9! Now wishing I'd bought a couple of pairs because I will definitely wear them out. 


24 February 2015


I get quite a lot of questions about my hair, mostly since I got rid of the roots and went for this grown out ombre sorta thaaang. I go to a little local salon (The Basement) who always whizz my hair into a dream so thought I'd tick off any questions in one go. 


This is the bit I get most questions about. I was never obsessed with the whole ombre thing, but I do now love the grown out blonde sort of look opposed to my corn growing on tarmac look when I needed to go get my roots done. I'll always like the full blonde thing, but it is a bit of a pain to keep up with. When I changed it up I asked for roots that looked like they'd grown out naturally, fading into my original blonde. I took plenty of pictures, mostly because I'm crap at explaining things so this made life a lot easier. Colour wise, the darker part is a slightly warmer version of my naturally ashy roots. The blonde mostly stays the same, although I might have a few extra highlights popped in if I want to go a bit lighter higher up. I also live by toner for getting rid of any brassiness. The thing I love about ombre hair is that you don't have to be constantly going to the hairdressers. I can leave it 12 or so weeks and not have awful roots. Winner. 


When it comes to getting my hair cut I am a bit precious about those split ends. Yeah, I know they're looking totally straggly, but they're taking me just below my bra strap and that I like. I do try to be brave every so often and get a good inch or so taken off every other trip to the hairdressers. All I ask for is a straight, blunt cut. I love seeing that it's a nice, sharp finish - plus it makes it look a million times healthier. I would say if you're wanting to grow your hair don't feel pressured into the BS that cutting your hair helps it to grow. Grow healthy, yeah, but it ain't suddenly going to start sprouting from your head like weeds. When I was growing my hair I just stuck to the bare minimum sort of trims. Now I'm happy with the length I don't mind having a bit extra lopped off. Having a hairdresser you can trust to not leave you having that 'errrmygahhhd I asked for a trim & I've got a bob' moment is always handy. 


On a whole, it's always curls for me (or some sort of dishevelled look). I just think with ombre styles it shoes off the colour so much more. I usually stick in a bit of a wave with my Enrapture Totem Styler, but for this salon trip we tried out the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl. Have you seen this thing being used?! Mind. Blown. How it works without creating a total disaster I don't know, but it does give you those 'perfect' looking curls. They lasted me the rest of the weekend too. LOVE.

So, that's the lowdown on my current hair. I say current, but I don't actually change things up much so it'll probably stay like this for a good while longer!  If you are in the Sheffield area it's worth popping into The Basement. I've been going to my hairdresser (ask for Katie) for years now and the team there are really lovely.

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22 February 2015


This is probably the realest post I've done. These days with blogging it feels like there's a big pressure to have this Instagram worthy life and in reality, we’re all normal and we eat crisp sandwiches and use dry shampoo for a little longer than we should. I'm okay with having a bit of a giggle at my less than glamorous side, so here goes with a few 'blogging realities'.

Also a little disclaimer - I am definitely not suggesting the 'expectation' is yours truly or sticking my fishing rod out for compliments. I just thought this might be a good representation. Anyhoo, enjoy!

Good skin day VS. Breakouts

MAKEUP IS A BEAUTIFUL THING. I haven't got the worst skin in the world, but I still have acne breakouts alongside scars from previous skin disasters. The reality is that plenty of makeup, good lighting and filters all help a sister out.

Everything looking schmancy VS. MESS

For me, getting that 'everything in place' sort of picture takes a whole lot of mess. I take pictures like this on a piece of  MDF painted white which ends up surrounded by a plethora of crap that I've spread about in the process. The bit that's in shot is always a tiny portion of the chaos I've created & I'd like to think that I'm not the only blogger that leaves a trail of disruption along the way.

Posing like a poseymcposeron VS. Not so flattering

LOL. Best picture of me ever. Yeah, this is a bit of an exaggeration but the point I'm trying to make is that for every good picture there will be a load more that aren't so great. Knowing how to stand and what angle works well makes the world of difference.. I’m okay with my figure, but any sort of thigh gap can easily disappear and be quickly replaced with a sticky-out food baby. We all have good and bad pictures and I can be honest and say that some of the truly horrifying ones won’t make it as far as the internet.

Yummy food VS. This

Bloggers don't eat Pinterest-perfect food everyday. I wish we did, but we don't. Admittedly, I am the sort that always takes pictures of food to upload on social.. When it's something that looks tasty. Does anyone want to see a picture of the Pot Noodle sandwich (yes, I'm RANK..) I’m having for lunch on Instagram? I highly doubt it. It's not all quinoa porridge and amazing triple stacked burgers.. A lot of the time it's more fish finger sandwiches & microwave noodles. NOM.

Heels VS. Slippers

It's rare that I'm actually wearing the outfit that I'm typing up about. I take the vast majority of my blog pictures at the weekend, which means I mostly finish off posts at a later date. Usually I'll be typing up blog posts in my dressing gown and slippers with my hair in a scruffy bun. I love getting dolled up, but I also love pyjamas like Kanye loves Kanye.  

So, that's a peak into my 'real' side of blogging. Yeah, sometimes I am dolled up with my hair looking swishy, but there are also plenty of times when I'm in my dressing gown, eating Supernoodles and quickly skipping through the blog pictures where I look like a thumb.

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20 February 2015


Bag - c/o Missguided, Nail File - Leighton Denny, Gum, Samsung NX Mini Camera, Purse, iPod, Maybelline Lipstick, Swarovski Pen, The Wet Brush (if you love Tangle Teezers you'll love these!), Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, Herve Leger Perfume, Pencil Case

Answer? A whole load of rubbish. Essential rubbish though. Yeah it'd be nice if my handbag was full of a few more fancy things, but really what I need is an endless supply of chewing gum and bog standard hair bobbles for wayward hair. I'm definitely the Mary Poppins sort when it comes to handbags.. Dashing out the door with just my bank card and car keys just isn't my kind of thing. I need a safety blanket of stuff. Alongside numerous screwed up receipts, crumbs and empty packets of crisps. Glaaaamorous. Lol. 

My main essentials (other than the tradition purse, phone etc.) are nail stuff, my camera and my iPod. Nails wise I just can't deal with getting an annoying snag that desperately needs filing. That nail file does come everywhere with me - it's one of those that's supposed to last you 25 years (not a chance with how often I lose things..) without getting all worn down. It's not cheap for a nail file but definitely worth investing in. On the camera front we all know I love my little Samsung NX Mini. I've used this so much now that I'm definitely glad I got it. My DSLR is still my baby, but the Samsung is just so much more practical to use when I'm pottering about. Lastly, my iPod. Full of totally cringe music for me to sing to on my M1 commute. 

P.S. I can confirm that a fancy-pants pen (talking about the glitzy Swarovski one) does in fact make you feel a tiny bit more Anna Wintour on your drabbest of days. 

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18 February 2015


Hair by The Blow, Shirt - c/o Daisy Street, Coat - c/o Boohoo, Trousers - H&M, Bag - Topshop, Boots - Forever 21

I probably should have named this 'The Coat I've Spent My Winter In', due to the fact I've just about worn this one out with relentless wear. I love those big, fabulous looking Kimye style coats so this is my inexpensive version to see me through the chilly season. I've decided I'm going go treat myself next winter and get one that'll last me a lifetime - I just think this classic sort of style is one that'll come back into fashion throughout the years. Plus it's amazing just how much warmer it is to be wrapped up in a coat that comes just above your ankles, opposed to the usual thigh length thaaangs.

This outfit is actually what I was wearing when I popped over to The Blow for some hair titivating - hence why my hair looks a lot more Rapunzel like than it usually does! I forgot how much good hair finishes off an outfit.. I need to stop just dashing out the door with that dishevelled look. Princess curls every day of the week puhhhlease.

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