26 November 2015


Jumper - c/o Wildfox
I feel like this is one of those really Christmassy days that I'll look back on when the festivities are all over and remember as a really lovely time. I'd headed off with my Ma for a day of Christmas shopping at McArthur Glen East Midlands - it's our local designer outlet although we'd never actually been before - exciting stuff. We picked up the last of our Christmas presents ( feeling so organised, this never happens) before a lunch time pit stop at Pizza Express. Pizza is everything.

I'll be sharing my gift ideas for the girly ones in the family soon (I don't actually have that many menfolk to buy for), as I managed to get some lovely bits I can't wait to give out! I also picked up a couple of early presents to myself - keep an eye out for those on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat (fashioninflux). And there I am sounding not at all social media obsessed...
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24 November 2015


There are plenty of reasons why starting a blog is a great idea, so in contrast to my usual moan about blogging (admittedly, I like a good moan about anything), I thought it was time for some real blogging positivity, because really... blogging is pretty nice. For me, these are just a few reasons to remember why even with its faults, blogging is a good egg.

It’s a massive confidence boost.
Getting a few views, a RT, or a nice message from someone about your latest post can do your confidence the world of good. ‘You mean, someone actually cares about this crap I’m writing?!’… Uhhuh, they do. Blogging has given me a lot more confidence in my abilities, as well as making me more confident in general.

You can be exactly who you want to be.  
The big ol’ world can be a scary place to fly your freak flag, or strut your stuff like you’re Team Sassy. On the Internet I just think it’s easier to work on being the sort of person you’d like to be… Before you build up to unleashing your inner Honey Boo Boo on the rest of the world.  

It’s fun.
Would we bother taking pictures in sub zero temperatures if part of it wasn’t? As much as I love a whinge about my day-to-day blogging disasters, I still find it creative and fun and the good kind of bonkers.

You meet lovely people.
Meeting people through blogging is one of the loveliest things. It’s like finding your spirit child, who actually gets all these things you’re interested in and wants to discuss them with you. Happy days.

It’s actually impressive.
You know what, most people don't actually find blogging dorky. When I initially braved telling a few people about my blog, I thought it’d be some source of amusement. In fact, most people think it’s pretty cool. You're doing something off your own back and you're working hard at it. These days I always big up my blog, having one should be impressive… I treat it like I gave birth to it after all.  

You’re actually being useful to someone out there.
Thank god for the review on the ultimate oily skin foundation, the OOTD that provided some outfit inspo and the Tweet letting us know that those dreamboat Topshop boots are now on sale. We may not be fighting world peace, but us bloggers definitely come in handy.   

You never know what’s next.
Hey, maybe the Jeffrey Campbell Litas will make a comeback or we'll all decide that Instagram is crap?! Maybe not, but who knows? You have no idea what direction blogging will go next or where blogging could take you. I always find that really exciting for keeping motivated.  

You can define your own ‘success’.
Scrap defining success. Sod success. Trying to be a 'successful' blogger is so difficult, because how do you even decide what success is?! When I stop thinking about it, I love blogging a little bit more. I feel like you lose touch with what you’re doing if it’s too focused on how many followers you’ve got or how many views per post you’re receiving. I love that I can define my own success. This year I managed to travel by myself for a small oversees blogging trip…  For me, I feel like that’s a big success (mainly because I’d rather wear Crocs & socks for the rest of eternity than get on a plane).

You’re always learning.
Cliché, but I do learn something new every day with blogging. Whether I finally suss out what the F-stop means, or that there’s a handy IFTTT recipe to make life easier, there’s always something new to pick up along the way. It’s a big learning process & I’m happy to sponge all that up.  

There are perks. We don’t need to dance around the subject like it’s some sort of Voldemort-y unsaid thing. There are plenty of perks to blogging and we all know it. Whether it’s the odd freebie or a trip to a nice event, it’s something blogging can lead to and I’m not going to lie and pretend it’s bloody awful. It’s not. Having said that, it’s not the be all and end all. It’s lovely along the way, but it’s not integral to why I blog.  

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22 November 2015


Sunglasses - Céline, Jumper - Matalan, Bag - Boohoo, Skirt - H&M, Lace Up Sandals - Public Desire
This weekend has been the official 'it's too cold to not wear tights' marker. I did try venturing out today in a skirt and long coat, but eventually I decided I was being optimistic and got my 40 deniers out. Sigh. These pictures were from a couple of weeks ago when it was more autumnal than wintery - it wasn't particularly cold so I managed in the pencil skirt and cowl neck. I reckon when I wear this skirt again I'll just stick my thigh highs underneath it and see how that goes.. Avoiding tights at all costs. 

The jumper is one I've been loving a whole lot since I bought it. It was just a cheap one from Matalan, but it's the sort of easy go-to when I'm rushing around to get ready for work. I love that this time of year is basically just lobbing a big jumper on. For me it is anyway. I just have this sort of thing on a rotate! Always ready to up the cosy factor. 
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19 November 2015


via eBay
The Chloé Faye seems to be the 'it' bag right now. Understandably so... It is freeeeaking fabulous. If you're like me though, you'd have to sell your left kidney to get one. Actually, I'd probably need to sell the right one too. Instead, I was on the hunt for an 'inspired' style. 

This one I found on eBay for £17.90 after searching 'chain satchel'. It took a bit of a hunt, but the Gods of cheap eBay crap eventually delivered. It's also from a UK seller so no waiting 6 months for it to arrive from the other side of the world! Don't get me wrong, it's quite clearly not a Chloé handbag - you can't expect incredible quality for under 20 quid, but it will certainly last me this season. It's not a carbon copy either (there's a Jessica Buurman version I'm tempted by that's much more of a likeness) but if anything, I'm happy with something that isn't an exact match. I don't want a handbag that looks like I'm actually trying to pass off a fake as the legit version, or seem like I've unknowingly thought I've got £1500 handbag for the bargain of £50, you know? I'd rather it just be something along the lines of the Faye look, not an 'is it? or isn't it?' sort of thing. To be honest, no one in my local area of mostly 70+ even knows what a bloody Chloé Faye bag is. 

I know dupes aren't for everyone, and if someone delivered a Chloé bag shaped baby I would be happy to adopt, but for now, there's no chance I'll be spending nearly 2k on an accessory. Sigh... One day!  

Now is anyone can find one with silver hardware then hook me up - I don't normally wear gold, but for £17.90 I can cope. 

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17 November 2015


After adding a few new makeup bits to my life recently, I thought it might be a good time to film a makeup video. I'll probably review a few of these products properly, but I'm thinking this is more of a 'first impressions' sort of thing. 

This is my usual sort of look on an everyday basis... A smokey eye is about all I can manage. You don't have to be quite so precise as you do with the likes of winged liner (oh how I wish I could master it, but to me it's like witchcraft). I was probably most excited about trying the new NARS Steven Klein palette - aren't the colours so pretty? Gorgeous shades for this time of year. I feel like it's one I'll be reaching for over the festive season. 

Anyway, I'm off to a pole dancing exercise class now (don't ask), so I better be on my way. All product details are listed in the video below! 
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