30 October 2014


Jumper - Boohoo, Shorts - c/o Oh My Love London, Boots - c/o Deichmann, Black Ring - Lola & Grace, Small Stone Ring - c/o Astrid & Miyu, Other Rings - Pandora

So glad I can wear this jumper again. It's one of my favourites but it's the kind you can only really wear on those extra chilly days. Granted, it's wasn't that chilly (yep, I am wearing shorts) here but I just wore this instead of something lighter with a coat.

The shorts are a new pair from Oh My Love. They're super silky and kind of remind me of fancy pyjama bottoms. If they're comfy enough to sleep in (I may or may not have had a nap in them..) then they're a hit with me.


28 October 2014


Jacket - New Look, Choker - Topshop, Top - H&M, Belt - Next, Jeans - Zara, Boots - c/o Deichmann

It's a official. Woodland walks are an Instagrammer's dream. I was snapping pictures of everything and anything whilst we were on this little wander.. Definitely making the most of Autumn being super pretty. Me & my ma traipsed off to the woods to get some pictures in my new boots.. I get a bit bored of my usual spot in the garden. The boots are part of the #adayinmydeichmanns campaign - the hashtag basically summarises what it's all about! A day in your favourite Deichmann shoes.. so here's my day. Doing autumnal stuff and wearing my new boots in. Lovely. 

I am kind of dishevelled here. It was getting towards the end of blustery Sunday. My makeup has blown off into oblivion and my hair's got that unbrushed thaaang going on. Winter for me means a good few months of looking less than perfect.. The beauty routine gets somewhat neglected when you're battling with wind, rain and freeze ya nips off cold. 


26 October 2014


Scarf - Boohoo, Shirt - Zara, Shorts - Charity Shop, Coat - H&M, Boots - Forever 21

I'm keeping this short and sweet, mainly because this outfit is in my A/W Lookbook and I'm also wearing stuff I've talked about plenty of times before. I guess my wardrobe is a bit samey but you can only have so many clothes right?! Don't get me wrong, I probably spend more than I should on clothes, but I still have favourites that I always go back to. 

I'm just kind of comfy here. Lots of layers, nothing too tight or smart. This was the outfit I ended up spending the rest of the day in after filming.. I was just off to town and it seemed alright for the current weather sitch - autumnal but definitely not freeze 'ya nips off cold. While I'm managing without tights I usually go for this coat - it covers me up a bit so I don't feel too much like I'm thinking it's still the summer. 


24 October 2014


Beret - Boohoo, Jumper - Primark, Skirt - Primark, Boots - Forever 21

Thought I'd post another one of the outfits from my A/W Lookbook video today.. The pictures turned out looking kind of autumnal so I thought I'd put them up on here. I like being able to have a look through all the old posts and  flick through seasons.. It's a like a little diary. 

For me this is pretty cosy for this time of year, but I know some people will probably think maxi skirts are a summer thaaang. I'm as cosy in this as I would be in a pair of trousers - plus I can add a sneaky pair of tights on when it's really nippy. Maybe even a second pair. Oh God it really does get that cold doesn't it.. I always forget how chilly two pair of tights season is.

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