24 July 2014


Sunglasses - Skiathos Town, Top - DIY, Bottoms - Peacocks

I kind of had an 'umming & ahhing' discussion with myself about doing any bikini blog posts. After thinking about just how long it takes me to find the perfect beach outfit that it might be relevant. There's not going to be all that many of these BOOTD (Bikini Outfit Of The Day.. not got the same ring to it has it?!).. I've since realised that my DSLR shows my body in way too finer detail - my phone's shoddy picture quality seems to be much more flattering. Anyway, the scenery is freakin' fabulous. I spent way too much of my time noseying at all these fancy monster yachts & wondering if there was some super celeb on one of them.

 The bikini top I'm wearing is one of those I've been making & selling on Depop. I say 'I' - my mum watched me using the slowly using the sewing machine in a rather awkward fashion for all of 10 minutes before she took over. Apparently it was painful to watch - I've got the gist of the thing but I'm just not quite as speedy as her. So yeah, big thanks Ma. I kept one for myself & I'm so glad - it was my favourite beach outfit & held up really well with the sun, sand and sea!

22 July 2014


Elephant Necklace - Accessorize, Cord Necklace - Market, Top - c/o She Likes, Trousers - H&M, Bag - Matalan

That cat was the cutest thing ever. In fact, all the kitties in Skiathos were on the 'Coming Home With Me' list. My lovely mamma took these pictures whilst we had a wander around the town. She's got used to this whole 'every opportunity is a blog picture opportunity' thing now - she even asks if I want them taking when we go somewhere pretty now. She's getting rather handy with the camera these days.. Now if I could only stop doing that ridiculous Chandler Bing smile then we'd be onto a winner. 

The outfit I'm wearing was actually picked based on comfort. It was one of those days where I'd somewhat overdone it on the tanning front - who knew burning the inside of your elbows could be so painful?! The top meant the bra was relegated (in fact, the bra was relegated for the whole holiday - if I can't get away with going braless in Greece at 22 when can I?!), and the trousers are the slouchiest & really soft. Having said that, you can probably also tell that they're about a foot too long. OW the joys of stumpy legs. 


20 July 2014


Sunglasses - Skiathos Town, Necklace - Accessorize, Dress - Primark, Flip Flops - Primark

Nothing all that fancy here - just an outfit for tripping down to the beach. I mainly wanted to post this to show you the little dress, a £3 bargain (I think it was around that price anyway..) from good old Primark. It's probably designed to be worn as a vest top & I definitely wouldn't brave it as a dress in this country but it was fine for a wander down to the sea - it's amazing how on holiday you suddenly decide it's okay to walk around with a bikini VPL (maybe a VBBL - visible bikini bottoms line?) and not mind if your dress flashes your bum a bit. You do see some sights on holiday, and after seeing many a bloke walking down the strip in Speedos I came to the conclusion that I'd be fine like this.

I'm wearing a pair of sunnies that I'll be wearing a lot in these posts. They are indeed knock off Ray Bans (I'm thinking they're probably called Ray Bins - something like that). As a girl known for regularly sitting on sunglasses and snapping them in two with my rather ample bottom, I thought I'd get a few pairs like this to at least last me the holiday. Right now my lack of fortune & clumsy nature means it's not worth me spending 100squid on a pair that I'll only go & break. What can I say, I don't mind buying from the local Knock Off Nige. Shoot me. 


18 July 2014


Bag - Matalan, Jumpsuit - Forever 21 (yeah guessing you got that anyway ha..), Sandals - Office

First of the holiday outfits. You're going to notice through this mini series that my tan varies - I don't think I'll be posting them in order so you'll probably see me going from milk bottle, to lobster, to something closer to that bronzed look I was going for. Oh and we'll probably end up on a big, peeling mess.. that's the stage we're currently at. Dear Skin, do you really have to do that?!

There's going to be quite a lot of Forever 21 stuff in my holiday posts, mainly because it's become my go-to site for online browsing. I think that's like the online window shopping equivalent - I spend far too much of my time adding things to my basket and creating a virtual wish list that I rarely get round to buying. I did a big (ish.. everything is mega cheap so it wasn't as naughty as it could have been) haul from Forever 21 before my jols, mostly going for slouchy summer trousers, little crop tops & jumpsuits. Everything I bought was lovely & got stuffed (& swiftly reorganised by Mumma) in my suitcase. I wore this black onesie on one of our first nights out.. a dreamy fit for skimming over my first day burny-bits. 

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