20 May 2015


Sunglasses - Ray Ban, Top - Topshop, Jacket - H&M, Trousers - Charity Shop, Sandals - Office, Bag - H&M

These days I don't have so many outdoors pictures up, which I do kind of miss. Over the winter I've just managed to get out of that 'braving it' notion where in previous years I would trudge out to my garden in rain, wind and snow. These snaps were taken by my ma on a little Sunday wander, but I am thinking I want to get back to sticking my tripod outside and taking a few pictures like that. Especially now everything is starting to look much less miserable out and about.

This outfit I did post a sort of snippet on Instagram - if you follow me on there it was the one where I felt a bit like Sandy from Grease, which isn't necessarily a bad thing in my opinion ha. I love my high waisted stuff and when it's combined with all black it does feel extra flattering. It wasn't warm enough to not cover up reasonably with a jacket, but I did manage to switch boots for sandals. The pair I'm wearing here are the comfiest I own, plus I get an extra bit of height. Always. Needed.

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18 May 2015


Sunglasses - New Look, Top - Forever 21, Lips - MAC Please me

Some of you may have already seen these sungigs over on my Instagram the other day. I bought them last weekend after being on the hunt for that reflective style in a frame that actually looked okay on my face. As soon as I saw these I knew I'd be getting them.. Plus, New Look sunnies are always super cheap which is perfect when you're after that sort of 'trend focused' thing! Even though they're quite chunky, I think the pink in them keeps them quite girly. I haven't managed to find the black version online (not sure if they've sold out - worth checking in store!), but the tortoiseshell frames are still on there.. I'm definitely going to pop back to New Look and get them for my jols!

On the pink lips front I've updated my MAC lipstick collection with a fresh 'Please Me'. It's one that I've used a lot in the past (more dabbed on for an extra bit of pink), but grew a little scared of. I guess being blonde I panic a bit thinking I'll be looking like a poor man's Malibu Barbie. Lol. For the warmer months though I'm ready for something a little brighter. Aaaand it's a dream boat match with the sunglasses. 


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16 May 2015


T-Shirt - Primark, Jeans - c/o Miss Selfridge, Heels - c/o Dorothy Perkins, Bag - H&M

The Lana Del Rey title just had to be thrown in there. I'm all super duper simple here. Generally, that's kind of the thing I've been going for. I've grown extra scared of colour over the winter and now I mostly feel comfortable in good basics. I'm braving up to crazy summer prints, but right now I'm okay with the no fuss stuff. 

I was just off for some food here - I'd been wearing the jeans during the day but went down the fail safe 'whack some heels on & hope for the best' route.. Mostly because I was being lazy and didn't want to have to get dolled up. The jeans are the ones from Miss Selfridge that I've been wearing religiously and the tee is just a really inexpensive one from Primark. I have loads of these stocked up in my wardrobe, they always come in handy when I've no idea what to wear. 


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14 May 2015


Eyeshadow - Urban Decay Half Baked, Lips - MAC Whirl Lip Liner

I don't always get chance to take pictures of my makeup when it goes right.. Possibly because a lot of the time it doesn't always go 'right'. Mostly though, I've got minimal makeup on for work and then on weekends I'm rushing about. For once, this was a day when I just had time to faff around with makeup. While a smokey eye is about my limit, I did venture out of the usual neutrals that I more often than not go for. Yeah, this copper shadow is still pretty natural (well, as natural as sparkly eyelids get), but it is a change from beige.

The shadow is just from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.. I've had it for yonks but it is one of those fail safe makeup favourites. Lippy wise I just went for MAC Whirl Lip Liner. I wear lip liner a lot more than lipstick, just because I think it lasts longer and I can work out a little bit of symmetry on my rather wonky lips. Even though it's finally been confirmed that it ain't going to give you that Kylie Jenner pout (who were you kidding Kylz?!), I still think it's a pretty colour.

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12 May 2015


Jumper - H&M, Shorts - Vintage Levi's, Converse - USC

I'm done with all the tights, trousers and leggings (except when I'm having a Netflix and carbs day) I've spent the winter cooped up in. It's still that sort of in-between season where I've no idea what to wear, but on the slightly warmer days I've managed to brave shorts.. All be it with oversized knits and boots so I don't look too optimistic. The pair I've got on here are just some old slouchy Levi's.. They're probably way past battered but they're black basics that I can't quite part with.

On the jumper front even I am pretty sick of seeing myself in this one. It's from H&M, I have it in various colours and I've pretty much worn each of them every week since November. They're those comfy essentials though that I could quite happily spend my life in. I was just pottering on my day off here, so that kind of thing is perfect for wrapping up in when it decides to go all chilly again.

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