1 December 2016


Okay, underwear as outerwear is no new thing. It’s been around for a while and I’ve always been a fan… Some undie-style garments are just too nice to cover up! With Winter almost upon us though, no one’s expecting much of a bra flash. Instead, I’ve been starting to layer up with my favourite chunky jumpers.

The camisole style I’ve got on here is just right for me over winter – it’s lacy and pretty feminine, yet it’s something you can make really practical worn over a big knit. I picked up this one from H&M the other day as an inexpensive layering piece. It’s just something to liven up the chunky jumpers I’ll be wearing day in, day out until Spring! 

The jumper is another H&M purchase I got this autumn – you can never have too many roll necks. It’s probably a little too hefty for the silky number over the top, but I don’t mind that. I’ll be wearing this one when it’s extra cold, and a thinner turtle neck on less wintery days. 

So, for layering up in underwear as outerwear this season this is the sort of thing I’ll be going for – cute camisoles/silky crop tops over essential knits. Snuggly. 

Jumper - H&M / Camisole - H&M / Jeans - Topshop / Boots - & Other Stories

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25 November 2016


My kind of Black Friday deal involves makeup, and this year Beauty Bay is delivering all the deals.... Ummm, hello up to 30% off some of my favourite beauty brands!! To kick off the Black Friday weekend, Beauty Bay will be having one of its biggest sales to date, with some of the best beauty names on offer, including LA Girl, Kevyn Aucoin, Mario Badescu and Alpha-H.

To celebrate all the discounted makeup goodness I’ve picked out my top picks to share with you… Yup, that’s Gerard Cosmetics and Lime Crime in there! I’m super excited to see both brands on offer – I’m so obsessed with matte, liquid lipsticks and these are both shades I’ll wear on repeat. I’ve used a few of the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks before, so I knew I’d be sold on ‘Everything Nice’ – it’s just a really lovely pink for daytime and evenings. Lime Crime I’d not used before, but I’d always wanted to give the Velvetines a go… A discount on these was too good to pass on. I went for ‘Buffy’, the perfect nude to go with plenty of makeup looks.

As well as a couple of new lip products, I also picked up products from Mario Badescu and Japonesque. They’re both brands I’m a little clueless about, but I’ve been wanting an excuse to test some newbies for a while! I had to get the raved about Drying Lotion from Mario Badescu – I’d heard so much about this and with acne prone skin it felt like a good one to opt for. I’ve only used it a couple of times so far, but I’m suuuper impressed… It calmed down the angriest blemish, making things a lot easier when applying makeup. If it’s good enough for Kylie Jenner then it’s good enough for me! From Japonesque I picked up their Velvet Touch Eye Palette. Isn’t it pretty?! I’m in love with those creamy, neutral shades for a natural eye.

So, they’re all the products that were on my lust list for Black Friday bargains! All the offers go live tomorrow for a limited time so make sure you hit things up quick – I’m sure things are going to sell out in no time! I’ll be heading over in the morning to mayyybe add another Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick to my life…

Find the following discounts on some of my beauty brand favourites:
Japonesque - 30% off / Gerard Cosmetics - 30% off / Lime Crime - 30% off / Mario Badescu 15% off UK, 10% off ROI
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24 November 2016


Okay... I'm not about to get my pension, but at any age, getting older can be a scary thought. My mum always tells me about the time I was about 11 and I came into her room crying, saying I never wanted to grow up. I was a dramatic child… Now, I’m thankfully a more level headed 25-year-old. The pictures in this post were actually taken on my 25th birthday – I had one of the most content birthdays yet, but even then I still moaned about the fact I was another year older. Yup, we all do it, and I do think this young adult age can be extra horrifying – being a teen doesn’t feel like that long ago, yet all of a sudden grown up life arrives and you’re expected to make your own doctor's appointments and stuff. 

Buuut, it isn’t all bad. As much as I whinge about it, I know there’s a lot to appreciate being a little older. Saying bye bye to student discount is tough, but adult stuff does have its benefits. 

You know yourself better than ever. 
I honestly can’t even comprehend who I was at 19. I’ve no idea what I was like, what I believed in, what I wanted to do… That’s mostly because back then I didn’t know any of that myself. I can’t imagine that I was the person I am today back then, and while I haven’t got things completely sussed out, I know myself a lot better. It’s taken me a good few years, but in that time I’ve learnt who I actually am.  

You care less.   
About what people think, what people say, whether your thighs will fit into the Christmas party frock. Generally, I worry a lot less about insignificant things these days. Mostly that’s because I don’t have the time to – grown up life involves so much more of what’s important, overtaking the likes of worrying if I got a little bit fat this winter.

We all have bad days, but I don’t find they happy so much these days. Through experience, I know that fuckboy won’t ruin my life and neither will the lecturer that made me feel like the thickest person on the planet. Important stuff becomes bigger than ever, and the smaller gets squished out.  

Your confidence grows.  
Many of us go through way too much self hate in younger years. Finally putting that to bed is a massive relief. I think knowing yourself better + caring less = more confidence… You know who you are, you’re less bothered what people think of that and the combination is comforting. I’d love to be able to tell the shy, teenage version of myself that I’d get myself together. I may never be the big balls, but my confidence has been a grower. 

You do you.
Exactly you. What you want, what’s best for you, where you wanna be and where you want to go in life. You can stay up watching Netflix ‘til whatever hour, you can eat chocolate until you feel sick (me) and you can buy what you want. If anything, it’s something I’m only really noticing now. I’ve become a lot more adulty this year, with buying my own place and working on managing my blog… I think it’s the most independent I’ve ever felt, which is lovely. 

Above all, it’s a luxury. 
Not everyone grows old, and as horrifying as entering the downhill slope to 30 once appeared to me, I know that it’s a luxury many people don’t get… That’s one of my favourite quotes. It’s a real ‘woah, shit’ thing that’s going to probably make you feel a little bad (it does me), but also has the best reality check effect. At times, I’ll completely contradict myself and harp on about getting wrinkly eyes, but deep down I know I need to drill the ‘getting old is a luxury’ mantra into my head. 

So, not 100% accepting of being officially in my mid twenties, but I can deal with it. Getting older has plenty of plus points!  
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22 November 2016


How is it that time already?! Mums are nagging for Christmas lists and Dad’s will be as surprised as you are opening your presents. This is my favourite part of the festivities though – the planning and the lead up… I love buying gifts and I’m mad for all the Christmassy goings on.

Annnd so, it comes to sorting out my Christmas list! This year, I’ve had things started off early with a lovely chance to give the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean White electric toothbrush a go. As someone who’s obsessed with pearly whites, I know I’d be super happy to open one of these on Christmas day! Yeah, a toothbrush doesn’t instantly scream ‘exciting Christmas present’, but Philips has managed to take the humble toothbrush to something way more fun – it comes in five lovely colours (*ahem* cutesy pink), is clinically proven to whiten teeth in one week, improves gum health in two weeks and is proven to remove seven times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. It’s shocking to think only 25% of people use an electric toothbrush vs a manual toothbrush. Plus did I mention, it comes with a USB travel case for charging on the go! I’ve been using it over the last week and I’m obsessed with how clean it leaves my teeth feeling all day (must be those 62,000 brush strokes a minute)! It also feels way kinder on my gums – it’s a really gentle brush and with five settings you can tailor your toothy-peg routine to suit you:

1. Clean – the standard mode for a whole mouth clean
2. White – removes surface stains to whiten teeth
3. Polish – brightens and polishes teeth to bring out their natural brilliance
4. Gum Care – gently stimulates and massages gums
5. Sensitive – an extra-gentle mode for sensitive teeth and gums

As well as a load of fancy features, Philips has also added a special touch for gift giving over Christmas, with the option to have beauty products engraved at selected Boots Beauty Emporiums. I headed off to have my charging glass engraved, adding my name to it. I think that’s such a sweet idea, whether it’s to pass onto a loved one, or just to treat yourself over the season. It’s a real personal touch to add to a luxury gift! 
I popped into the Boots store at Meadowhall to get my name added as well as have a personal smile consultation – I never realised how much I didn’t know about brushing my pegs, so I’m all set up now for healthier, whiter teeth. 

The Phillips Diamond Clean range is now available here and comes with a two year warranty and a 28 day money back guarantee. Engravings can be added in selected Boots Beauty Emporiums over the festive season from the 19th November to the 28th November, with another five stores offering engraving of Philips Sonicare DiamondClean charging glasses until the 14th December. Check out the participating Boots Beauty Emporiums here to see if your local Boots store is participating.  

To find out what I think of the toothbrush so far and see my trip for engraving just head over to my YouTube – there’s a little VLOG in the store, as well as some shopping for perfect gifts this Christmas! 
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18 November 2016


It’s been a good few weeks since I did my last home update, so I thought I’d add a quick blog post to keep you in the loop with where things are at. I’ve still not moved in, but we’re getting a lot closer to having a finished home… Exciting! We’re mostly past looking like a building site (excluding a work in progress bathroom… MEH), and now it’s onto the fun bit – adding cute homely decorations. 

The main change has been that I now have a living room! If you follow me on Snapchat (fashioninflux) you’ll have probably seen plenty of it. I love how it’s turned out so far, with it feeling like a good mix of modern and feminine. The sofa featured above is the one I went for from Next. It’s called the Wilson and I think it’s reasonably new in. The style is just what I was after – not too fussy, a high leg and in a soft grey. I got the 3-seater sofa, chair and a footstool so I could have something for getting extra comfy on! One thing I would say is the chair is much larger than I expected – this dope didn’t measure it, and thankfully it does fit perfect but is larger than what I assumed a chair would be. I love it all the same, and it’ll be lovely for cosy nights reading. 

As well as the sofa, I did have to go on a massive IKEA splurge. I feel like it’s an essential to go spend a sickening amount of money on Scandinavian goods when buying a house. There were a few necessities, as well as some extra soft furnishings for making things look homely. The side table for my lounge was a really cheap one and it’s just the right size for books and drinks… I’m not bothering with a coffee table as I’m reluctant to give up the space for it! 

Those peachy pink cushions were another IKEA purchase and add a little colour to which was a mostly monochrome house. They’re also a dreamy match for the throw – this is actually a scarf I bought from H&M. I decided it was just what I was looking for in the house and I’d been struggling to find a similar style that wasn’t a ridiculous price. In the end I bought one for the house, one to wear. As you can tell… I’m big into the peach/grey combo! 

The last thing I’ll mention is the cute, clip on light. I’ve not bought much copper as I don’t want to go tooo mad, but I did love this! It’s just a lovely night light, something I can use when reading… I just need to find something to clip it to other than the radiator!

Aaaand that’s it so far. The house tour will be coming, but I want to make sure things are how I want them before I get carried away and show things in dribs and drabs. For now though, a liveable living room is a big achievement! 
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