4 October 2015


Don't get me wrong, I'm not an expert with the photography side of blogging. The opposite in fact. It's something that I end up faffing about with for ages on, and a lot of the time it'll take two attempts at shooting something before I'm okay with it. One thing I have really had to work on is finding ways to make things look good when they aren't actually that glamorous. I live in a normal 3 bed semi - it's lovely, but it's not somewhere I have a fabulous shoot space to take pictures that would be fit for a magazine, y'know? These tricks are just a few I've picked up to help out with getting snap happy. 

1. Collect together some props
I'm always on the lookout for things that can be used as props in flat lays. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just little bits and bobs that can be added in to a picture. In the past I've gone for teacups, little trinkets, fake flowers, scraps of ribbon and a whole load of other bits that I now store in a big box. It would be bloody lovely if I had one of these dressing tables with makeup neatly laid out, Instagram ready, but life (/clutter) takes over and for me it's just easier to set things up separately. 

2. Get a few backgrounds
This probably made the biggest difference to me, mainly because I don't actually have that many free surfaces. A lot of my blog pictures are done on two giant, white pieces of MDF that I keep under my bed.  They're so handy and are probably one of the best things I've bought in relation to blogging. I just pull them out and I've got a little shoot space ready to go. In the past I've also stocked up on pieces of coloured card and pretty wrapping paper, just for something a bit different to lay products out on. The same can apply for outdoors really, I'm still always hunting down perfect background to take outfit shots.

3. Rearrange
I feel like I spend half my life taking my room to bits so it looks half decent on blog pictures. I'm thinking you'll have worked out that I love a good white background with minimal fuss, but achieving that takes quite a lot of effort. I usually pile everything up behind camera so I've got my little area to take outfit pictures. While it is a bit of a pain, it's worth it to not have a stack of old magazines, shoe boxes and god knows what else lurking in my pictures. If it's in my way, I'll just rearrange, take as many pictures in one go as I can then move it back later on. 

4. Work with what you've got
Always a favourite for any sort of blogging tips. Yeah, having a whole room especially to take blog pictures is the dream, but for now, I can manage. If there's a cute road in your area where you can get a few outfit shots in then go for that, or if your kitchen has the best lighting then try that out. It's really easy to compare your pictures with other bloggers (I do, all the time), but that doesn't mean you can't still make things look nice.

5. Edit what you can
A little editing goes a long way. I'm not talking a Photoshop fail, more along the lines of brightening things up or blurring out a mark on your background. That's one I do a lot - my bedroom wall has a few marks from where old pictures were, so I always neaten them up. With editing I just think it's worth learning what you need as you go. 

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1 October 2015


Sunglasses - Céline Audrey via Depop, Jumper - Primark, Flats - Topshop, Bag - Paul's Boutique

I'm doing this thing where I put big sunglasses on and do a fake bob and pretend I'm all Parisian and chic and stuff. Lol. Not quite, unfortunately I am still that girl that spends 90% of her life in her dressing gown, but I can pretend. I do put these gigs on and feel about 10X more fancy.. Maybe it's 'cause they're Audrey inspired?

Here I'm wearing a new jumper I picked up for LFW, only I never got round to taking any pictures in it. I know at LFW you see so many amazing designer outfits, but I'm still a cheap and cheerful girl at heart. Don't get my wrong though, if someone's fancying treating me to a Chloé handbag that is also okay. I went for this knit as it does feel a lot better quality than you'd expect for something that cost under £15. It's really soft, and I love how oversized it is. I could pretty much spend all the winter in a big snuggly jumper, so I'm sure I'll end up buying more like this.
The jeans are just an old faithful pair that I've worn in way too much.. I think eventually the rips will just go the whole way round the leg and I'll he left with some awkward cut off trouser. But yeah, until then they'll do. To me, black skinny jeans are made to be worn until they fall to bits.

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29 September 2015


In celebration of the new Fall Fashion collection for H&M, today I’m styling up a couple of bits from the 70s glam inspired range. The campaign, #HMFallinLove, aims to inspire you by the fall love story – what really makes you fall in love with Fall. For me, alongside cosy evenings, layering up in knits and carving pumpkins, it’s also that I find fall is a great time to build on confidence, especially in terms of style. With summer pressures for a beach bod and legs that look amazing in short shorts out the window, I feel much more at ease heading into A/W dressing. With that, I’m sharing a few of my favourite ways to fall in love with fall through wearing confidence. 

Take baby steps.

Yeah, sometimes ‘out there’ fashion choices can work great but if you really need to up your confidence then a look completely out of your comfort zone may be a step too far. For the look above I went for short lace up boots, but eventually I’ll brave some thigh highs. I find building it up from styles that I’m used to a lot easier than jumping in with something too flamboyant.  

Find your fall statement.

This is my favourite. I love to find something to rock over A/W that becomes my ‘thing’ – in the past it’s been an extra fluffy fur collar and the beanie hat. This time round it’s going to be this oversized coat, a real winter warmer I can wrap up in.

Get inspired.

Fall is a great time for a cosy evening, flicking through Pinterest. I like to have a board featuring my style icons, so I can have a look through and get inspired. No, I’m not Alexa Chung, but I could maybe wear that bold print in a similar way to her.  

Treat confidence as your best accessory.

And I’m not just talking in terms of style. Confidence is a secret weapon, it’s the thing that carries you through everything from strutting down the street in heels to that boring presentation at work in front of the bigwigs. Confidence can make a huge difference to an outfit, just like an outfit can have an effect on your confidence. This fall I’ll be working on making sure confidence is as much a part of my outfit as the shoes and handbag.  

So there we go.. What I’m living by for confident dressing this season. I’ve also got a chance for you to win a £50 voucher thanks to H&M by sharing your own #HMFallInLove story on Twitter or Instagram. All you have to do is use the hashtag and tag either @HMUnitedKingdom (Twitter) or @HM (Instagram). It’s a really nice way to share what you love about fall.. I can’t wait to have a flick through the entries and pick out a winner!

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27 September 2015


Sunday video time. This week we've got my morning routine.. Although this is my typical schedule only on days off. I've got zero time for faffing about with liquid liner on a work day. It just isn't happening. On weekends and free days I do tend to go to town with getting ready - I just really enjoy that extra bit of 'me' time.

Oh, it may also be worth a watch to see Ava the actress. I could have dedicated a full three minutes footage to her to be honest. A new level of kittybob obsessed has been reached in the past few weeks, but she's freaking fabulous and cute and fluffy and I dunno but she's my fur covered baby. Anyway.. Find all my morning rituals in the video!

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25 September 2015


Underwear Set - c/o Ann Summers
Can I go back to this way more glamorous existence please? Okay, there were a few not so glam parts - struggling with all my luggage at the train station whilst trying to eat an M&S sarnie was one of them, but on the whole it was a pretty glam weekend. LFW does make everything feel a lot more fabulous.
These were just a few shots from over the weekend that I wanted to share with you. Ann Summers set up some lovely bits & bobs for us to get up to which was larrrrvely - not having to deal with all the organisation-faffy part makes life so much easier! I stayed at the Mondrian London which was crazy beautiful and made me feel like a real fancy pants. Waking up after a good night's sleep in a hotel bed before heading to shows = yes to that. Saturday I was straight off to Asli Polat (where I fell in love with some uhhhmazing pastel looks) before some wandering around London with Monica.. How beautiful is that Covent Garden installation?! I didn't think I'd get to see it but I'm so glad I did.
After an hour or so back at the hotel gorming out (I needed respite/a phone charger after a full day of London), I set off to Zeynep Kartal to check out some super beautiful dresses.. The silhouettes were the kind I love. It took a dash across to Mayfair, but I finally finished the day with some yummy food at Hush. They had a LFW menu on which was perfect - nothing too stodgy ready for the next day of shows, but suitably scrummy too.
Big thank you to Ann Summers for putting together a lovely LFW!
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