26 March 2015


Makeup Storage - TK Maxx, Mirror - No. 7

Y'know me, always late to the party. Yup, I'm about 5 years behind on the whole clear makeup storage thing, but it's something that I still think looks really nice. While it did have a bit of a phase (I did have aspirations of a Kardashian esq. makeup collection) I guess it's so simple it isn't that trend focused. I'd tried getting my hands on some before but when even eBay let me down on a cheap alternative I gave up and went back to a messy storage box to chuck everything in - eyeliner pencil shavings and all. It wasn't pretty, nor did it make my life easier scrabbling about at 6am trying to find the lippy I was after. With this I'm keeping everything neat and don't have the dramz when I'm late for work and still haven't got any eyebrows on. Girl problems. 

Even though it has definitely done it's rounds on the blogosphere I thought these would be worth posting - the large tray was about £12 and the smaller one about £8. They had a few different styles too.. Struggling to not convince myself I need more. I always love having a route around TK Maxx, it's a bit like a posh jumble sale.. You never know what you'll find!


24 March 2015


Outfits c/o Miss Selfridge

You know what's really nice? To do something fashion/blogging related in Sheffield! Yeah, up here isn't exactly the fashion capital, but it is lovely to be able to just have a quick trip to Meadowhall for a blog thaaang rather than sulk about not being able to go to a dreamy sounding event down in London. Miss Selfridge invited me into try out their new personal styling service and I thought it sounded loverrrly. I've never used a personal shopper or stylist, so it was nice to see if it was actually worth it - it definitely is! When you're rushing around shops trying to find an outfit it's sometimes overwhelming having a million and one varieties of skinny jeans or tees facing you. I had the lovely Emily (for me the perfect kind of stylist, not too pushy but ready with all the latest from Miss Selfridge and some ideas on ways to wear that I hadn't thought of) on hand to help me pick out some outfits to go with the Steffi Jeans and generally just enjoyed a bit of the VIP treatment - always nice, even when you're just looking for something simple!

These are just a few snaps from the day - I've got a few different outfits coming in a so I don't want to harp on too much about it all yet. I will say though that I'm mad for these jeans now! They manage to lift my bottom from resting somewhere on the backs of my knees to something much my shapely. Hoorah! 

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22 March 2015


I thought I'd do this post as it's all been pretty relevant to me over the last few months. Around Christmas time, I’d decided I was done with blogging. Yep, I was probably being a tad dramatic, but over the culmination of a good few months I'd decided I no longer liked it and really hated the content I was coming up with. I know, possibly sounding like I'm expecting tiny violins to start playing.

It was a real jumble of factors as to why I wasn't loving it.. from feeling like I didn’t have the time to do it how I wanted, to the constant over analysing of my appearance and myself as a person. Anyhoo.. I had a breather, had my little strop and eventually moved on to start getting some ‘blogging lurrrve’ back. While I’m still working on it, I feel like my opinion has somewhat altered and we’re back to me & blogging being friends. If you’re having that ‘off’ stage with blogging, these are a few ways I think can help get you back on track.

Take a break.

The world won’t stop turning if you miss a couple of posts. I got so into my once-every-other-day schedule that I felt like I couldn’t have a break and just think about what it is that I’m actually doing. The internet is a funny old world and sometimes I just need a bit of time away from it. While I never really disappeared from blogging, I had a few weeks of done in advance posts so that I could also have some time to think what I wanted to do next.

Get re-inspired

I find it’s easy to get so wrapped up in your own little blogging world that you forget to soak up a good bit of inspo. More recently I’ve been obsessed with Tumblr and Pinterest, stalking everything from outfits to photography ideas. Another thing I push myself to do is READ OTHER BLOGS. It’s just one of those last minute things I never have time for, but it’s always nice to get some inspo back from all those blogging babes.


My biggest problem is usually planning.. Mainly because I plan without actually ‘planning’. In the past I’ve churned out a few scheduled blog posts, but was mostly done it without a purpose, just for the sake of keeping it up. These days I try to make jotting down ideas a continuous thing - always updating a memo on my phone or adding bits to my diary. I think about what I like to read, what I like to write and then try to smudge that all together.

Take another direction

I think my blog has changed a bit recently.. It hasn’t been a conscious effort, but in three years of blogging my interests have understandably altered. I still love the fashion-y bits, but I also like to read the daft chatty stuff, lifestyle posts and about all things girly. Change isn’t always a bad thing, and I love that I now write about what I want to write about.. Not just the stuff that's expected.

Think about if it’s what you want to be doing

I thought about this one for ages.. Had me and the internet world just fallen out for good? In the end I decided we were just going through a rough patch, but there’s nothing wrong in deciding it’s no longer right for you. I’ve been blogging for a few years now and can I definitely say this will be something I’ll be doing when I’m old and wrinkly? Nope. While I’m happy to get back into my blog, I’ve reminded myself that if it’s no longer right for me then it’s not a crime to say so. It’s always something you can come back to if and when you feel the time is right.

Aaaand that’s how I got back to no longer feeling all mehhh about blogging. Please tell me I’m not the only one that’s had the blogging ‘dip'?!


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21 March 2015


Coat - c/o Boohoo, Turtle Neck - H&M, Jeans - ZARA, Boots - Forever 21
Wearing Hair Rehab Clip Ins - styled by The Blow

Oh how it's nice to be able to wear white jeans without looking a weeny bit loony. I miss lighter bottoms over the winter - I feel like I spend my life in black jeans and black leggings and black tights. Yeah, I love wearing black, but it's nice to go for something different every now and then. These jeans may still be in keeping with monochrome, but they definitely feel like more of a summery option. I now just need an amazing tan so that bronzed looked thighs peek through those ripped bits, rather than pasty, knobbly looking knees.

Other than fetching these jeans out of retirement, I'm pretty much same old same old here. Turtle neck, that coat I've spent half the last few months in and those boots that I've worn beyond repair. Mehhh - we all have favourites. Although I'm wearing my everyday sorta thing I do feel a million times more swishy with these hair extensions in. Think the long locks just finished it off nicely. They're not something I could wear every day (mostly because my hair spends half its life in screwed up bun on lazy days) but I love them for feeling a tad more 'put together'. 

P.S. I promise I'm not flying low with the zip on my trousers - they annoyingly bunch up making it look like I'm trying to flash my knicks. Marrrvelous. 

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19 March 2015


Underwear Set - c/o Next, Teacup & Saucer - Vintage

Oh how it's nice to have underwear that actually matches. Now that's what I thought my 20s would be about - being generally more sorted, having good eyebrows & doing exciting stuff (aaand that's definitely not always the case..). This set is another little dream from Next that I'd been wanting to show you. It's got all that femininity in there, with a bit of extra padding to help my mosquito bites out - always appreciated. 

It's probably a bit random to throw my knicks in there with teacups, but this kind of ended up a culmination of newness. I say new, this teacup & saucer set is actually probably really old. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I've been stalking antiques shops recently and this was one of my latest purchases. It wasn't expensive, just one that I liked the look of. Isn't it pretty? I guess it's a bit of a Lady Gaga sort of thaaang but it's just right for sipping greet tea and taking suitably pretentious Instagram pictures. Ha. You know the sort of thing.. my giant sized Me to You Bear mug just isn't half as photogenic. Mehhh! 

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