18 September 2014


Necklace - Skiathos, Dress - Charity Shop, Cardigan - H&M, Belt - Primark, Boots - Forever 21

Currently, life is one big opportunity to get my legs out for a final few times before it's too chilly. I miss that about summer so much.. It's such a pain having to constantly think if tights go with an outfit or not. Yep, there's definitely an air of 'first world problems' going on here, but you know what I mean. Tights are boring

I've just got a little charity shop dress on today with a really cheap, comfy cardigan from H&M. The dress reminds me of something much fancier from American Apparel - pretty basic but a good fit. Not bad for £3 eh?! 


16 September 2014


Hat - c/o My Brother, Top - Primark, Coat - New Look, Shorts - Boohoo, Watch - c/o Shore Projects, Bracelet c/o Anna Lou of London, Boots - Forever 21

I think it's about time I got back in a beanie hat. I didn't really bother with them as much last year but I think I've decided I'm once again a lover for the chilly season. Really, who doesn't love something that can disguise horrible hair days?!

Alongside beanies, recently I've also been a bit mad for everything grey. Hence a mostly grey outfit. I guess it's just an extension of my monochrome obsession.. Nothing too far out of my comfort zone. I just think it's a good basic colour for A/W - I know the new grey bits & bobs I've added to my life will get worn out over the next few months. The watch is the newest grey thing I've added to my life.. I avoided being a total bore-face and opted for this lighter strap, opposed to the black I was tempted by. I'm glad I went for this one, it looks so lovely with the silver/black face!


14 September 2014


Coat - Primark, T-Shirt - Primark, Jeans - Missguided, Bag - c/o Paul's Boutique, Boots - Forever 21

A lot of the time, the outfits I post on Instagram are my favourites. I don't always have time to lug out the DSLR & the tripod.. It is so much easier to just get my mum to take a few snaps before I pop out. There's no faffing to get the right background and lighting, plus there's no time for me to focus too much on what my face is doing. My mum definitely hasn't got the patience for me moaning about my Chandler Bing smile on the billionth picture. I thought I might just post these from time to time, when I've got something worth raving about.

My something worth raving about today is the coat. Can you believe it's from Primark?! I've had my eye on some similar ones from Topshop & the like but they're way out of my price range. It's definitely a bit like a lab coat but I still love it.. Especially for this awkward time of year when the weather can't decide what the fudge it's doing. Something to keep my shoulders warm without being wrapped up to look like a polar bear. 

On the topic.. Have you seen the new Primark A/W stuff? Ugh I want a new wardrobe!


12 September 2014


Cross Necklace - Skiathos, Ancor Necklace - c/o Lola & Grace, Shirt - Zara, Jeans - Missguided, Boots - Forever 21, Ring - c/o La Moda

I bought this shirt a couple of weeks ago and other than in these pictures I'm yet to wear it. I bought it as a bit of a treat for work (yep, when you're as tight with money as I am a £20 shirt from Zara is quite a big splurge..). It wasn't anything I'd planned to buy, I just liked it so I bought it. I know, I'm crrraaazy like that. I was going to put YOLO but that might have been a step too far. Anyhoo, I think I'm going to save it for when winter well and truly sets in. Long sleeved tops are a rarity in my wardrobe (I usually just layer up), so this can be for the colder, more fancy-schmancy days.

Jewellery wise I've stacked up. I've got a little cross necklace I bought on holiday and a silver anchor on from Lola & Grace. They've just opening a store in Meadowhall which means I'm now obsessed. Adding to the Christmas list already.

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