21 August 2014


Cami Top - c/o Glamorous, Skirt - River Island, Birkenstocks - c/o Sarenza

This is going to be one of those posts I'll look back on in the deep dark depths of winter and think 'I fudging miss summer'. I'll miss being brown, having a few extra (natural.. for once) highlights and being able to head out in just a strappy top. I'm going to try not to think about it too much and appreciate that I'll soon be able to return to my favourite turtle necks and not have to shave my legs religiously. Sigh. Of. Relief. 

I'm actually at Bakewell here (for anyone who hasn't been to Bakewell, it's a cute little place where you find scrummy Bakewell tarts). It's the kind of place you'd take your Nanna for a wander, so I'm just dressed sort of casual. Don't want to be shocking any little oldies into a flatline. The skirt I had last summer, but I still like it. It's a good basic to have but a bit of a change from my plain black maxi skirt. Plus it shoes off my Birks. Got to be showing off the Birks. 


19 August 2014


Sunglasses - Skiathos Town, Jacket - Missguided, Crochet Top - Primark, Shorts - Levi's, Boots - Forever 21

Um, did I mention I'm a bit obsessed with this top? Even if I didn't mention it, I'm guessing you'll have worked it out after this is probably the third or fourth post with me wearing it. I'm just getting the most out of everything crochet until it gets a bit too nippy for all that holey stuff.

Plus, this is my if I was at V outfit. Oh how I wish I was wearing this to some fabulous festival, not just for a wander around Sheffield. Did any of you go to V Fest?! If you did, I'm ridonkulously jealous.

Anyhoo, I'm off as I'm writing this up with coffee in hand ready to crash. Now I'm a full-timeeey (feel so grown up it's depressing) I write posts up late at night as a little wind down from a day at work. She says, whilst drinking coffee to keep going a little longer. It makes sense somewhere along the way!

17 August 2014


Sunglasses, Necklace & Bracelet - Skiathos Town, T-Shirt - Primark, Cropped Trousers - Missguided, Birkenstocks - c/o Sarenza

Y'know when you buy something basic that becomes the thing you have to stop yourself wearing every single day? That's this tee. Yep, it's nothing special but every time I'm like 'what the fudge am I going to wear today..', I pull out this top, some form of bottoms and hope for the best. I definitely need to pop back to Primark and hunt it down in another colour. Or two. 

The cropped trousers are newbies in my wardrobe. I've ended up wearing trousers loads this summer so these are just right for the last few sunny days. Plus they're perfect with my Birkenstocks. Oh it will be a sad day when the it's too cold to wear shoes that feel almost as comfy as slippers. Chunky boots just aren't the same. 


15 August 2014


Halter Neck - Forever 21, Jeans - Vintage Levi's, Sandals - Office

I'm back in these jeans after once again forgetting about them.. how could I forget about old school Levi's?! I keep thinking I might sell them, then I realise the kind of thing I'll want the moment they're gone. Everyone's got to have a good pair of black jeans in their life right?

Outfit wise I was just off to my usual haunt (Meadowhall) so I wasn't wearing anything fancy. The top is just one I bought for my jollies that I never got round to wearing (along with a host of other stuff I didn't need) - thankfully there's still a bit of warm weather left meaning I can wear it in sunny/not so sunny Sheffield. The sandals are that pair I've worn to death since I got them. They're not too dressy for day but they make my stubby legs look a tiny bit longer. Winner. 

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