31 March 2015


Camel Eyeshadow - Illamasqua 'Vernau'

I just wanted to do a quickie update on this one as basically this is the only eyeshadow I've used since I bought it. I went for it seen as I'm totally drawn into the whole camel trend, even though I don't really own many camel coloured items. I'm normally a boring nudes kind of girl, and while this is still pretty natural it's a bit different than the beige sort of shades that fill my makeup bag.Here I mostly went for that cut crease kind of thaaang. I did attempt a bit of winged liner but rubbed it off when I fudged it up - HOW do people do slick eyeliner?! It's a skill.. One that I'm yet to acquire.

I haven't used any Illamasqua products for a good while but I've loved the bits that I have tried. I feel like payday is leading me back there so if there are any other products you can recommend let me know, always happy for you guys to be enablers!

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29 March 2015


I think without intending to I've ended up with these daft blogging posts becoming a bit of a series.. I love having a giggle at anything relatable (I spend half my life reading the '20 things you'll realise in your twenties' sort of posts..), and for me this is all relevant. It's kind of a follow on from the Blogger's Misconceptions post I did.. I think anyone who blogs quickly realises that not everyone 'gets' blogging. So, here's what people think I do, and what I actually do.. 

What my friends think I do - sit in a mountain of freebies.

Yeah, bloggers do indeed get their fair share of freebies thrown their way, so it's kind of understandable. Not many of my friends are really into the whole blogging scene so getting a few things in the post every now and then is a bit of a novelty. It is really lovely and I do appreciate it, but it does come with work attached. 

What my parents think I do - spend my life sat playing Candy Crush.

Or reading the Daily Mail. Or sat on Tumblr. Don't get me wrong, my parents couldn't be more supportive when it comes to me blogging - but there are definitely times when my Ma is running about with the hoover, getting mega annoyed with me while she thinks I'm just sat here having a good old time on Bejewelled. 

What society thinks I do - talk about how important fashuuun is.

I sometimes think people see bloggers as a bit pretentious.. Like all we've got going on is talking about lipstick and whether a meal is suitably Instagrammable. While I like faffing about with new makeup and talking about the top I bought at the weekend, it doesn't mean it's what my world revolves around. 

What my other half thinks I do - spend forever taking selfies.

Actually based on my phone's gallery this one is probably correct. Lol. I ask my other half a lot to help out with taking blog pictures, and begrudgingly he does oblige. While he does appreciate that my blog is important to me, there are times when I think he could do without me taking 10 pictures of my chosen lipstick before I find one I'm happy with. 

What I actually do - sit in my little internet bubble with too many tabs open wondering what the fudge to write. 

Mess. Too many tabs. Having strops when pictures don't go right. Doing too many things at daft o'clock. Contrary to how this sounds, I do love blogging, but I think sometimes people just see the 'fluffy' stuff - the freebies and the selfies on Instagram and the fact that you look totally zoned out sat on the laptop when you've actually been working on something all day. Y'know?

Let me know if there's any you can relate with!


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28 March 2015


Steffi Jeans & Outfits - All Miss Selfridge

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I recently popped into Miss Selfridge to try out their new personal styling service in Meadowhall, which tied in nicely with the launch of their new #AllInTheJeans campaign. I naturally went for the Steffi Jeans  - a super high waist with all that sucky-in action I need. Instead of the usual black wash I'm always drawn to, I ventured out there with the 'Pretty Blue' denim. A true blue like this is something I haven't ever really worn, but with summer coming up I thought they'd make a nice change. I find it so easy to get into a rut with wearing my black skinnies way more than I should, so these should help me mix it up a tad! My lovely Personal Stylist Emily was on hand with plenty of ideas for how to wear them, without pushing me too far outside of my comfort zone.. There was still plenty of black thrown in there & a whole plethora of crop tops. Old habits die hard.

In the end I went for a mix of extra casual to the night on the taaarn sort of look. The first outfit was my no fuss summer look - festival vibes thrown in with the pattered vest and jeans turned up to keep it relaxed. The next look is something I'd definitely wear for work - nothing too fancy but still smart. Emily suggested popping the necklace over the shirt.. Something I'd never thought of with them both being quite detailed, but I love how it looks. My final outfit was something I'll be saving for nights out - a bit vampish & flashing a tad more flesh. Now can it just get into the double digit temps so I can get wearing these looks without bundling up with a coat and scarf?! 

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26 March 2015


Makeup Storage - TK Maxx, Mirror - No. 7

Y'know me, always late to the party. Yup, I'm about 5 years behind on the whole clear makeup storage thing, but it's something that I still think looks really nice. While it did have a bit of a phase (I did have aspirations of a Kardashian esq. makeup collection) I guess it's so simple it isn't that trend focused. I'd tried getting my hands on some before but when even eBay let me down on a cheap alternative I gave up and went back to a messy storage box to chuck everything in - eyeliner pencil shavings and all. It wasn't pretty, nor did it make my life easier scrabbling about at 6am trying to find the lippy I was after. With this I'm keeping everything neat and don't have the dramz when I'm late for work and still haven't got any eyebrows on. Girl problems. 

Even though it has definitely done it's rounds on the blogosphere I thought these would be worth posting - the large tray was about £12 and the smaller one about £8. They had a few different styles too.. Struggling to not convince myself I need more. I always love having a route around TK Maxx, it's a bit like a posh jumble sale.. You never know what you'll find!

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24 March 2015


Outfits c/o Miss Selfridge

You know what's really nice? To do something fashion/blogging related in Sheffield! Yeah, up here isn't exactly the fashion capital, but it is lovely to be able to just have a quick trip to Meadowhall for a blog thaaang rather than sulk about not being able to go to a dreamy sounding event down in London. Miss Selfridge invited me into try out their new personal styling service and I thought it sounded loverrrly. I've never used a personal shopper or stylist, so it was nice to see if it was actually worth it - it definitely is! When you're rushing around shops trying to find an outfit it's sometimes overwhelming having a million and one varieties of skinny jeans or tees facing you. I had the lovely Emily (for me the perfect kind of stylist, not too pushy but ready with all the latest from Miss Selfridge and some ideas on ways to wear that I hadn't thought of) on hand to help me pick out some outfits to go with the Steffi Jeans and generally just enjoyed a bit of the VIP treatment - always nice, even when you're just looking for something simple!

These are just a few snaps from the day - I've got a few different outfits coming in a so I don't want to harp on too much about it all yet. I will say though that I'm mad for these jeans now! They manage to lift my bottom from resting somewhere on the backs of my knees to something much my shapely. Hoorah! 

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