29 September 2016


I was hopeful that by now, I'd have more to show you on the house front. In reality, I did know that it'd probably take way longer than I was thinking... That's what everyone tells you when you start work on a house, and my gaaahd are they right. Once you start it's a complete snowball of jobs - I was initially planning on a lick of paint here and there, but have ended up gutting the place. With it being my first house I feel like if I'm doing it I might as well do it properly... Then move onto moaning about being penniless and having to live on Pot Noodles for the rest of eternity! 

With everything just coming out of the building site stage (oh how it's lovely to have walls and flooring again!) I thought I'd share a small snippet of some new house-y bits. I can't wait to get talking about this kind of thing more, so this is a nice start! As I'm sure is expected, everything is pretty minimal. The whole place is getting painted white, with light flooring going in all the rooms - I just love having this big blank canvas to add to! In my bedroom we managed to salvage the floorboards. Me and the 'rents have had a love/hate relationship with them (mostly love from me, hate from my Pa when he found out he had the task of sanding them...), but they're finally finished. I love how they look - super clean but still like they're in keeping with the house. 

Accessories wise I've only purchased a few things to date. The prints were from Not On The High Street, framed up by my lovely Ma - Wilko do some faaabulously cheap black frames. Then there's the larger print, a mega bargain I found in Next. It was ex-display, costing me a grand total of £4. I've also had some seriously cute housewarming gifts from friends... A cocktail shaker seems like a first house necessity and the test tube vase is just my sort of thing! 

So for now, that's all I can share on the house front. I've got some painting left, wood floor to sort out and a sofa arriving shortly, so there will be more updates to come. I can't wait to see it all come together and take some pictures... Fingers crossed for everything ending up Pinterest worthy. 

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27 September 2016


I think I could quite happily live in these jeans forever. They’re frilly and fun and I don’t even mind feeling like a member of ABBA in them. I’d been after a pair of these for months after seeing them on Instagram – I’m not sure if they were the ASOS ones, but I couldn’t find them anyway. Thaaankfully, ASOS eventually had some in stock in both the black and blue denim. I’m still tempted to order the light wash version too… I think they’d be extra cute worn casual with trainers.

I just wore this when heading out for a few drinks – I’m the typical ‘jeans and a top’ girl when it comes to evening attire. I’m usually in a rush, so denim just makes life easier! The top I’ve already worn to death for night’s out… With it being long sleeved it means I can avoid lugging a jacket round with me.

Outfit wise I really want to get my wear out of these frilled bottoms – they’re too sweet to be the sort of statement piece I’ll only wear once! Maybe paired with a slouchy tee next?  
Jumper - H&M / Jeans - ASOS / Bag - H&M / Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
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20 September 2016


 If I love reading something, I want to get involved and write about it too. So, as a seriously snoopy person, I thought I’d share my own blogger confessions for anyone who fancies knowing the sneaky bits. I’ve been giving myself a bit of time out from really getting stuck into blogging over recent months, so I did think this’d be another nice one to get back to writing. I don’t mind a quick outfit post, but I don’t just wanna spend my blogging life talking about what trousers I’m wearing. Right, forgive me for my blogging sins – it’s time to ‘fess up.

Sometimes, I fucking hate blogging.
I don’t live, sleep and breathe blogging. Part of me wishes I did, but I don’t. For me, it’s a nice part of my life that I really value, and while it’s rare that I completely fucking hate it, sometimes I do, for a multitude of reasons. I think what it comes down to is that there are just so many aspects of blogging that aren’t ‘me’. It’s not always something that I can relate to, and with so much change to blogging in recent years it’s something I quickly find myself alienated from. That doesn’t bother me hugely; it just takes me a little longer to find my way back to the bits of it that I love. It’s a ‘highs and lows’ thing – sometimes I find blogging a massively positive part of my life, and at other times it just does nothing for me. That’s when I have to take a little breather.

The novelty of free stuff has worn off.
This is where I could start to sound especially ungrateful. Even when I think about it, it sounds bad. It’s kind of sad that eventually, you do become very blasé about stuff turning up in the post. I still get excited for parcels, but is it the same as those first bits of blogger mail?! No. I guess it’s just that something abnormal morphs into something normal – receiving freebies becomes a part of life. These days I try to be really selective with what items I receive – it means that I only get the odd thing, but for me that’s more than enough and means I really appreciate what I do get.

I don't feel bad about doing sponsored work. 
You mean I’m gonna turn down a week’s wage to put up one Instagram post that might not exactly fit my theme perfectly? I’m sorry, but no. I’m not saying I’ve got no integrity to my content – there’s a whole load I’ll turn down because of those ‘whyyyy would you think I’m a good fit for this?!’ moments. However, I’m also not in a position to constantly turn down money. If you can be especially selective then that’s great, but we aren’t all top of our game bloggers that can say no to that amount of money because the content isn’t quite what you would have suggested yourself. If it’s something that I can work into how I blog then yeah I’m gonna do it – I can’t pay bills in lipstick alone.

I edit my pictures to death.
Unless you believe that my face is completely poreless, then I reckon you’ll have already worked out that my pictures go through the rounds with Facebook before they hit the ‘gram. I don’t mind folk knowing that I smooth out the odd icky bit and remove any planet-sized spots. Most of my epic editing actually comes in for backgrounds though. My surroundings aren’t actually that monochrome… I just de-saturate the life out of everything. I try not to go OTT on myself, but with backgrounds I’m obsessive. Fuck you Instagram themes – you are to blame for this!

I’m actually shit at being sociable.
I’m awful, and probably will be forever awful at responding to people and building conversations. It’s a bit ridiculous when I work in social media, but on a personal front I just find it really difficult, mostly for inexplicable reasons. I’m naturally introverted, and some part of me just fails to be sociable… I struggle with it in real life, never mind online! I’m forever feeling bad if I don’t get back to people and constantly feel like I should post weekly updates saying ‘I’m terrible at responding. It’s nothing personal. I’m just a bad person’. Ha. It’s one of those things where I don’t practice what I preach – I know I’d get so much more out of interacting, but I just struggle with it.

I don’t really want to be a full time blogger.
I still have days when I wish I did do it full time. Right now I feel like it’s tough to keep up with those that do have 9-5 hours to dedicate to it, when I’m still working full time and squishing in blogging on lunch breaks, 5am slots and late evenings. Trying to produce the same standard of work (and also fit in having a life) is a struggle. I can’t moan about it too much as it’s been my choice to carry on working and continue with a reluctant attitude towards full time blogging.

One of the main reasons is that I enjoy where I’m at career wise. I’ve worked my ass off for that too and it’s not something I want to just halt for the full time life. While I’ve mentioned that blogging helps with paying the bills, I also love that it remains my hobby, something that I can go without. The reason I continue to fit it in around my job is because I want to, not because I need to. I just think for me this takes a lot of the blogging pressure off. It’s nice if everything is going well, but it’s not hugely impacting.

For now, it’s just not right for me. Maybe in the future I’ll think differently, but ideally I’d just like to drop a few hours at work to fit more of the blogging stuff in. Full time blogging doesn’t have to be the goal.

Confessions done… Think I’ve ticked off the biggies anyway! I always feel better when I get a bit off my chest when it comes to the blogging feels. It’s always nice if you can find someone that relates.
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13 September 2016


Aaaand we have another denim outfit. I’m at least proud that all the styles I’ve been wearing are pretty different. Usually I just end up buying various versions of black skinnies. I’ve got a pair coming up in few posts time that are the dream, yet aren’t your typical jeans.

For now though, it’s a tweaked version of my favourite high-waisted style – a new pair from Dorothy Perkins. Aren’t they cute?! I love that they fit sort of loose, yet work well on giving a gal some shape in the bottom department… I can find some high-waisted styles are ridiculously unflattering in that area! I’ve come to realise that pocket placement is a big deal.

Most of this outfit is actually from Dotty Ps. I picked out a few bits for their Style Heroes campaign and I did really like the outfit. It sounds very ‘First World problems’, but picking out clothes online for blogger projects can be really tricky. I struggle working out what’s going to go well together based on a couple of pictures… I’m definitely more the sort that likes to try on 50+ options. Ha.

Here I just wore it for a quick pre-decorating trip to my local Costa, but I’m looking forward to wearing it on a casual evening out next!
Sunglasses - Celine / Jumper, Jeans & Shoes - Dorothy Perkins / Bag - Paul's Boutique

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8 September 2016


I got this skirt a good couple of months ago now. It was one of those on a whim purchases that I wasn’t really sure if I’d ever get round to wearing. I’d seen a similar one on a girl who looked fabulously glamorous, so when I saw this version in the H&M sale for £15 I thought I’d give it a go. I completely love the silky style of it… I guess it’s cause it’s got some sort of gothic vibe to it. I’m definitely into that.

Actually, I’m really looking forward to wearing this skirt in the winter. I do like it with this cute cropped shirt, but I think it’ll be extra lovely with a super oversized knit… Something that’s a real contrast to the silky fabric. I’m thinking in navy, just so I don’t look like I’m off to a Halloween party. I’ve already bought a couple of A/W jumpers, but I’ll still stick a navy knit on my wishlist!
Shirt - Charity Shop / Skirt - H&M / Boots - ZARA

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