2 May 2015


T-Shirt - Primark, Dungarees - Missguided, Boots - Forever 21

I have probably worn this outfit (or a very similar version) before on here. Yup, I've had these dungarees for almost two years, and the readers from back in the day probably will recognise them.  For once though I had chance to blog about an outfit on the day I wore it - doesn't happen often! I think dungarees are probably trend that probably hopped off the fashuuun circuit a while ago, but I'm still a fan. I saw a picture on Pinterest earlier where a girl looked amazing in a pair, so I went about trying to come up with something similar. Now thinking about investing in a wide leg version of these?! Hmm. 

Right, I'm off as I've just put some false nails on and I can't actually type. Marvellous. Plus, I'm also waiting for Kate & Wills to introduce the new bubba.. Ohhh it's so sweet. I'm that sad person that cried a bit when Prince George waved. 

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30 April 2015


Shirt - Charity Shop, Trousers - Charity Shop, Clutch - New Look, Heels - Office 
Eeeesh over exposed. I've just worked out I can go beyond the auto settings on my camera and got a tad carried away.. I kind of liked this outfit though so I didn't want it to go to waste. Plus, my hair was having an 'alright-ish' day. You know when you try and do it so it looks super tousled and casual and generally it just comes out like I've been dragged through a bush. Never great. Here it didn't turn out too bad - although I did end up shoving it in a ponytail anyway.. It was too hot! Definitely a much happier bunny now it feels a little more like spring.

So.. Outfit stuffs. Without realising it, I've not blogged much about usual sort of OOTD thing for a while and I do miss the fashion posts. I wore this outfit at the weekend for a quick trip to town.. It's so nice to finally dress a little more feminine now it's warming up. High waist, cropped shirt, happy Lydia. During winter I end up feeling less than girly, layered up in big chunky clothing that I could do with a sign saying 'BTW - there is a female with boobs underneath all this this'. Ha. 

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28 April 2015


So as I mentioned last week, I recently had the chance to work with TRESemme on a project for their new Perfectly Undone range.. And here is the final result! What do you think? The shots were all inspired by iconic historical paintings, featuring some amazingly beautiful hairstyles. The look here is a bit of a modern day update, some beach ready waves and braided details. Love! 

To get this style we started by washing my hair with the Perfectly Undone Shampoo and Conditioner, before using the sea foam to help with those relaxed, soft looking waves (you can check out all the products here). You know I love braids, so those fishtail plaits were the perfect addition. A bit of Ultra-Brushable Hairspray and I was good to go with some super swishy locks. 

It’s a look that’s really easy to recreate at home, so I’ve just uploaded how I came up with something similar on my channel. I used the same products from the shoot, this time switching it up with Dutch braids to keep my hair out of my face. I love that kind of style that looks pretty without being too ‘done’.. If you have a go at it let me know! 

TRESemmé also have a really good 'how to' video here that's well worth a watch!

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26 April 2015


Granted, I am only 23.. A mere newbie to the art of being a grown up. Even so, I am no longer relishing studentdom or living off ma & pa. I'm a proper, real life adult. ICK. Indeed, there are lots of plus sides to being a fully fledged grown up person.. But there are also the not so great parts. Here are the 'adult thaaangs' I'm not quite yet okay with.. 

Ringing up for stuff.

I’ve got to do all this stuff by myself? The days when my mum would sort out all phone call dramz were the good ones. Ringing up the doctors to deal with power crazed receptionists? Rather not.

How quick everything goes.

It’s May next week. I rest my case.

Lacking money when you thought you’d have money.

I generally thought earning money meant having money. LOL. How foolish.. Girl gotta pay bills when she’d rather spend it on shoes and lipstick.

House stuff. Any house stuff. Don’t get it.

I feel like I should know about mortgages and all that shenanigans when I have no bloody idea. Thankfully, I can just about afford a brick when it comes to buying a house. For now, I can continue singing ‘lalalala’ and pretending I haven’t got to eventually do all that thaaang.


You mean.. this is actually what I do for the rest of my life? Like every day, for 40 plus years? No school holidays or anything? I’m not signing myself up for the next episode of Benefits Britain.. I do love working.. but that whole moment of ‘right, this is life now’ is a bit of culture shock.

Accepting the fact that you can no longer use the last of the teenage hormones as an excuse for being awful.

THIS IS SO NOT FAIR. Kevin and Perry style. Oh how I took for granted the excuse of being a youth and totes emosh.

Not only getting spots but also getting wrinkles. Brilliant.  

Apparently it ain’t a case of out with one and in with another.. It’s & an oily t-zone along the way. Fan-freaking-tastic.

The fact your parents have a way better social life than you do.

That moment I'm picking your ‘rents up from town at gone 11pm after I've had an evening sat watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians reruns and eating bread. UGH.

The amount of money you spend on food.

For me, the older I get, the more money I spend on food. Who knew £30 on posh nosh from M&S felt so good?

Considering if you’re going to still be awake for that 9pm TV show you want to watch.

Falling asleep at 8.30pm is actually a thing.

Having no one around to tell you to not eat pizza 3 days in a row.

Remember when sweets were the odd treat & going to McDonalds was an incentive for not being a horror child? The realisation at a certain age when you can eat whatever the hell is a big novelty, and probably why I end up averaging three packets of crisps a day.

Not yet becoming as sassy as Beyoncé.

Yeah, 23 year old me loves me a lot more than the 17 year old version did, but I did imagine by my 20s I’d have upped my sassy queen levels more. Less Bridget Jones moments if possible, and more of the Queen Bey vibes.  

Accepting that it’s unlikely you’ll ever be an astronaut or a professional surfboarder or a hip hop star.

It’s not like I’ve ever fancied having a bash at any of those things, but it’s kind of safe to say I’m beyond the point of deciding I’m up for it anyway. I had this feeling after leaving uni - while nothing was/is set out for certain, I am  on a route that isn’t likely to include walking on the moon or being Kanye’s BFF.

Wondering why people in clubs look like they’re freshly hatched from the womb.

Who are these infants? Where did they come from? In my mind anyone born post mid 90s should be reading Jacqueline Wilson books not drinking quad vods on an all nighter.

Having to know what you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

I’m sorry? Just no.

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25 April 2015


Some of you may have seen on Twitter that a week or so ago I had a quick trip to London to get involved in a project with TRESemmé for their new Perfectly Undone range. Ohhh it was lovely. One of the hottest days of the year so far (London is positively tropical compared to the north), a beyond beautiful location and dreamy hair dos. 

I'm so excited to see the final pictures - the team on the day put in so much effort to get everything perfect (I always find that behind the scenes stuff way more fascinating when compared with the posing parts). Next week I'll be uploading a look playing about with some of the products and the final picture, so keep an eye out for that! 

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