11 February 2016


As promised in my last video, today I’m sharing the whole shebang on the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I didn’t want to go into too much detail on YouTube, as I tend to go off on a tangent – I think I’m much better off doing a blog where you’ve got all the details, without me ending up discussing what I'm having for my tea. 

So, the shades I went for. I originally ordered two to try out – Iced Mocha and Cher. Both seemed very ‘me’… Darker nudes, perfect for going with the neutral tones I tend to opt. They arrived really quick from BeautyBay - it was two day tracked delivery, free over £15 I think. The same day, I ended up ordering another two as I decided I loved the two I'd ordered originally! The colours are beautiful and really pigmented, with that perfectly matte finish. Even still, you don’t get that horrible drying feeling, as your lippy begins to peel off during the day. Ick. They do 'set', but they still give you time to touch up any mishaps before you're stuck with a mouth like The Joker. I've given them all a good go now, so I'll give you a bit of a round up of the four shades I've got - Serenity, Cher, Iced Mocha and Ruby Slippers.


Serenity is a really lovely, everyday sort of colour. Something that’s like ‘I’ve made an effort with my lippy, but I’m not trying too hard to join the glam squad on a Tuesday morning’, y’know? On me it does feel quite light, with a slight orangey tone to it, but then I'm used to mauve shades. I think I'll probably end up wearing this one with othe colours, as an option for adding some nude to a brighter lip.


Any dark, mauve nude I just describe as ‘sort of like MAC Whirl’, but yeah, I think this one does have that sort of vibe. Very Kylie Jenner anyway. I know I'll get loads of wear out of this as it's instantly become my favourite matte, nudey-pink. 

Iced Mocha

I’m aaaahbsessed with this one. It’s just such a good brown toned lipstick – plenty of others that I’ve tried can make me look like I’m dead, or like my teeth are decaying (I love MAC Stone, but sometimes I catch sight of myself in a funny light and I’m like ‘girrrrl you a corpse’). This one does have a chocolatey-ness to it, but it’s rich with that 90s vibe going on. I’m pretty sure it’ll end up being my most worn out of the three as it's the kind of lip I'm loving at the minute.

In terms of formulation, I’d say Serenity, Cher and Iced Mocha are all pretty similar, giving you a good application after one swipe, a perfectly opaque one after a couple. I would say you’re better starting with a little rather than a lot, and layering up to allow it to really set.

Ruby Slippers

A bit of a ‘on a whim’ purchase for me, as this isn’t the sort of colour I’d wear that regularly. I just fell in love with it though, after looking at far too many swatches on Instagram. It’s just such a glamorous shade, perfect for really vamping up a makeup look. While we're still in the colder months I definitely want to add it into some last A/W outfits.

Consistency wise I would say that this one isn’t quite as thick as the others, and comes out feeling slightly more like a stain. It does take a couple of layers to get that really opaque application, but once it’s on it’s a dream boat.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks out?! I've already got a couple of others on my wishlist. Eek.


9 February 2016


With a couple of months of wintery-ness to go, I still can’t stop purchasing all things cozy. As much as I prefer summer, I do enjoy getting all wrapped up and snuggly in a fluffy knit. Clothing that makes me feel like I’m tucked up in fluffy pyjamas is my idea of happiness.

This dress is one of my most recent, winter purchases. I got it in H&M for £29.99 and I’m so glad! I’ve got nothing like this in my wardrobe – probably because it is more of a statement piece… It’s not like we all have a rack of ankle length, knitted dresses. Although, that does sound like quite a nice life. I’m calling this one my alternative winter essential, because I do think it’s completely appropriate for the season, yet it still feels on trend? Basically, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m wrapped up like the Michelin Man, but I’m still ready to take on goose pimple inducing temperatures.

Since I added it to my life I’ve worn it like this (more dressed up, something I could wear for heading out shopping or on a trip to the pub), and with trainers for really casual days. That dressed down look is my perfect vibe for Sundays – when I’ve over done it on pizza the night previous and need something to skim over the food baby.

Dress - H&M / Boots - Topshop / Watch - Daniel Wellington


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7 February 2016


As happy as I am to see the back of January (post Christmas blues & all that), it is a month where I enjoy working my way through newly acquired products. From some lovely bits I had for Christmas, to others I treated myself to when I wasn't quite so skint from the festivities, I've had the month to gather things together for a favourites video. Makeup wise I've found a couple of products that have gone straight to the top of my 'love list'. Most of what I've included here are items I've picked up based on reviews - it's always nice when beauty products live up to expectations!

This is quite a chatty one, but sometimes it's nice to feel like you're having a bit of a natter! I love doing the short and sweet videos but when it's one where I'm talking I can end up with 30 minutes of video - although chances are 70% of it is me talking rubbish or where the camera is out of focus. Oh the joys of filming! Anyhoo, all product links are in the description as per! :) 
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6 February 2016


If there were an Olympics in over thinking, I’d be up there representing Great Britain. My ma would call me a ‘whittler’ – someone who spends way too much time worrying over daft little things that probably won't lead to the end of the universe. Even still, I can’t help but think into things way too much, stressing about if so & so thought I meant something in the wrong way, or if life would be better if I’d taken another A level (?!). You know the sort. From big concerns to miniscule, I can work myself into a whole internal debate about most things.

I’m pretty sure that over thinking is common – I guess switching your own brain off can be tough. So, with working on a happier, healthier me, I thought I’d share with you a few ways I’ve been beating the battle of overthinking…

Occupy your mind.

For times when I really can’t block out what I’m concerning myself about, I’ll try to occupy my mind with other things. From sitting down with a colouring book to heading to the gym with some ridonkulously loud music on, I find it’s a good way to take the focus off what it is that’s bugging you. Even just settling down to paint some fiddly nail design can help me break the cycle of overthinking.


Blurting stuff out can be hella therapeutic. It’s sort of exhausting, having all this stuff whizzing through your brain, so sharing it with someone who’s happy to listen can help ease the stress. Sometimes, you just need to tell someone all those irrational thoughts you’ve been having, and have them give you that ‘you need to chill/drink a glass of wine face’. I find that’s comforting, and does help me to realize when I’m being a bit over the top.

Switch off.

Completely. Zone out to the land of zero worries. I know, easier said than done, but I do try switch off to really make my over working mind chill out. I tend to do this with some of that naff meditation stuff you can find on YouTube – I say naff, but I actually find it’s really helpful. I’ll stick a candle on, find a good meditation video and do that whole ‘concentrate on breathing thing’. It sounds a little odd at first, but I do think it works. 

Shout at yourself.

Okay, maybe don't do this out loud when you’re walking down the street. When I’m on my own, I may actually shout at myself a little (the occasional ‘LALALA’ isn’t too mental, right?!), but I’ll also do it internally, telling myself to quit it. Sometimes I just need to think ‘stop thinking about that’. If it helps me avoid worrying if Harry from finance caught me having a good old readjust of my bra then I don’t care if it sounds a bit bonkers. I’m a firm believer in giving yourself a good talking to. Your inner voice can be as equally powerful as it can be destructive (welcome to Cringeville, but it’s true).

Right, I’m hoping that’s not too preach-y and is actually of use to any of fellow over thinkers! I’m pretty sure I’ll always be a worrier, but I feel much better when I’ve got it under control!

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4 February 2016


Earlier in the month I told you how I'd be working on upping my fitness with Pink Soda Sport... It's now time for me to share how I've been getting on! If you head over to the Pink Soda Sports Hub you can find out what I've been up to, and read the full post on how I've really toned up my tum. They're all really simple ways that are also pretty fun - I'm still all about that healthy and happy lifestyle, with any aesthetic changes a little bonus. 

For the first time ever, I'm actually seeing why fitness can be really important lifestyle wise, rather than seeing it all as a whopping dread!

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