27 November 2014


Hat - H&M, Jumper - c/o New Look, Jeans - Missguided, Boots - Forever 21

EEK. This is indeed the first of any festive posts (I'm not sure what I'll be blogging Christmas wise, but I'm sure at some point I'll get all carried away and go all over the top..). Now, it's not that 'in your face' Christmas vibe, it's more quietly jolly.. If a jumper can be such a thing. I do love a good OTT Christmas jumper, but I also like the kind that you can wear right through December without looking like Christmas threw up on you. This New Look knit is the sort of thing I'm talking about. Last year I went all out festive so this new Christmassy addition I'd an update for me.

In one sentence I'm talking about not being over the top, in another I'm talking about wearing a pom-pom ears hat. I couldn't help it, how cute is it?! It's probably one of those things I should have had about 10 years ago (I reckon a 13 year old would pull this off a lot better than a 23 year old..) but I just thought it was fun. I do feel like I dress a lot more grown up these days, but it's nice to have something a little silly in your wardrobe. Plus it's dead cosy. Justified. 


25 November 2014


Hat - H&M, Jumper - H&M, Scarf - H&M, Coat - H&M (oh Jesus Christ this actually isn't sponsored by H&M), Culottes - Primark, Boots - Forever 21

I'm looking back on this thinking I look like Mary Poppins. It's a combo of the hat, the culottes & the coat I think. Ha. Ah well, I still like it.. I just need a big Mary Poppins esq. bag to finish it all off.

I mainly wanted to wear anything with culottes today. I bought this pair from Primark the other week, despite knowing it probably isn't culottes season. Can you wear culottes without tights? I'm not sure it'd be a great look for me.. but I don't know if I'm going to be flashing ankles much longer - it's definitely getting nippy up North. To get a bit of wear out of them before it's way too chilly I'll just be wearing them like this.. with plenty of layers. I'm figuring if I look super wrapped up everywhere else people won't notice that my ankles are in fact blue..


23 November 2014


All Clothing - c/o Daisy Street

My second outfit from the Daisy Street AW 14 essentials. Ohhh I feel so flouncy, like some arty painter who's terribly flamboyant. Clearly, that's not the case.. but this oversized, light outfit definitely makes me feel that way.

I'm wearing the shirt I wore in the last post, this time with these loose snakeskin print trousers. They're the perfect kind for dressing up and down.. plus they're also super comfortable for lazy days. I didn't take pictures with the coat from my previous post, but I would definitely be throwing that on to finish off  with the cosy factor.

If you want to have a look at my picks from Daisy Street then have a nosey over here. You can also get a handy 20% off to use online with the code 'FI20'.. Enjoy! 


21 November 2014


All Clothing - c/o Daisy Street

So, the lovely guys at Daisy Street asked me if I was up for picking a few A/W favourites and styling them up I of course got a bit excited. Naturally, I stayed pretty monochrome.. but I know that I have plenty of existing items in my wardrobe that I can blend these essentials in with.

Now, I guess this outfit is a bit of a mis-match..  but I love that kind of thing. I'm a bit dolled up with the shirt and skirt, then dressed down with the oversized coat (the fluffiest thing ever..) and big chunky boots. Oh the boots. I am indeed in love. They take me back to my much loved chunky shoe era, something I thought I'd grown out of. Deep down I want to spend my life clomping about in big as boots Julia Stiles 10 Things I Hate About You style.

If you want to have a look at my picks from Daisy Street then have a nosey over here. You can also get a handy 20% off to use online with the code 'FI20'.. Enjoy! 
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