5 July 2015


I've mentioned before that sometimes I fall out with blogging. Full on sulky style, to the point where I've had enough and I'm ready to take my life off the internet and pack it all in. It doesn't last very long and it is a tad dramatic, but when something takes up a lot of your time and is important to you, it can be easy to get the grouchy pants on about various things. When it comes to happier blogging, these are the main things I think can help with blogging huffs. 

1. Blog when you want to blog

Blogging because you feel like you should is crap. It's like you're forcing it and for me that never turns out great. These days I try not to beat myself up if I haven't had time to blog quite as regular as I'd have liked.. It's okay to miss a day! There's work and life to fit in, as well as blogging stuff. I'd rather get something up that I'm happy with rather than any old rubbish I've churned out. 

2. Spread the blog love

I feel like you get a lot more out of saying something nice to another blogger rather than sitting there with the grumps on 'cause they've just published some amaaazing blog pictures and you're thinking that right now even David Bailey wouldn't make you look good. When people take the time to be nice though I think it's nice to pass the love on. It's always good to make someone feel good.

3. Take time out of the internet

Shock horror.. Life continues beyond the internet. Lol. I'm so into the whole online world that I need to remember to log off, shut down and stop stressing about stuff in the virtual world. I always need to work on just living life, rather than seeing it all through a camera lens and updating Twitter with what I've been up to. Maybe I should brave travelling?! Big question.. Could I manage without wifi?! 

4. Write what you want to write

When I have time, I try to write more of what I really want to. It's not that I don't want to talk about clothes and makeup and all the usual stuff that I go for on here, but it's kind of thing that I always go for. I like writing more silly stuff too, and although it's not my usual post and I'm not always sure if people will be interested, it is after all your blog and your choice when it comes to content.. That's part of the fun of it. 

5. Don't focus on the success

I think when you get too focused on that it's a rocky road to getting peed off when you're not reaching what you want to reach.. There are plenty of bits of advice out there but I don't think there's a fail safe route to blogger 'success'. I'd rather just enjoy it as a lovely little hobby that may or may not lead to a few perks. 

Sooo there we have it. On a whole I am a very happy bloggy person, but we all have highs & lows with it right?!

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2 July 2015


Jacket - Topshop, Shirt - Charity Shop, Jeans - Topshop, Boots - Forever 21

Ooeee bit of a different background. My ma & pa have just done up my brother's bedroom in prep for him coming home from London for a year and while he's still darrrn Saaarth I quickly snuck up to take some snaps. One day I'm going to have this dream boat little house (as dream boat-y as one skint, single gal can afford) with a specific spot for taking blog pictures, but for now I have a few areas at the rents' where I can get snap happy.

Gone off on a tangent again haven't I. On the outfit front I was wearing this prior to this riding heatwave. A leather jacket is a no go in sticky hot weather. Normally I would have gone for my black skinny jeans but with trying to look at least a bit summery I went for the white version. The top I'm wearing them with is just tied up so I can flash a teeny bit of flesh. I quite like it as a more casual way to wear a smarter shirt.
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30 June 2015


Benefit have just launched their Operation Pore Proof kit and with my pores having the tendency to take over my face, I thought it'd be a great one to try out. Especially at this time of year.. This gal is shiiiine central. With 5 minis in this box of treats there's plenty to try out if you're looking to deal with shine and pore problems.

One of the cult products in there is the Porefessional primer, a product I've used before and loved - it's not too balmy like I find with some other primers and quickly mops up excess oil. I like that it has a bit of colour too so it doesn't just feel like you're slapping a load of silicone stuffs on your chops. I wouldn't use it every day, but when I'm really wanting my makeup to 'set' then this is a go-to.

The License to Blot is another favourite, mostly because I'm surprised that it actually works both under and over makeup, without being cakey or smudging all your hard work off. I just think it's handy to pop in my handbag ready for any oily t-zone bouts.

My last love from the set is the Shy Beam highlighter.. Big yes to a matte highlight! With my oily skin I generally go for matte makeup, so this is the dreamy kind of glow I've been after.

I always like a good Benefit set when your makeup routine needs a bit of an update, plus they're a fail safe birthday/Christmas present right?!
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28 June 2015


Just a quick 'do' today.. I wouldn't say it needs a tutorial as such (it is after all just some scruffy buns), but I was feeling all inspired by Glastonbury & had a bit of time to film it. It just sucks that I was only popping my hair up like this due to it being sticky hot at home and bot because I'm actually at Glasto doing all fun festival things. I so want to go next year now.. But then I say this every year. One day!

Anyhoo, my Glastonbury dreaming is kind of unrelated. I just think this would be a hair do I'd definitely go for if I was there.. Let's be honest, I dunno if I can pull this off when I'm just off to ASDA to pick out a meal for one. Lol. 

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27 June 2015


Top - USC, Bag - La Moda, Jeans - Primark, Heels - New Look

Seen as I've been doing my girly bit (the odd skirt, braving heels etc.), I've ended going back to black jeans today. Easily done right? It probably wasn't my best idea seen as it's still ridiculously humid, but everyone needs a quick and easy outfit.. In fact for me the majority of the time it's a quick and easy outfit.

I was just wearing this to pop out for some food the other night. It wasn't anything fancy, but I decided I needed heels so I didn't feel too casual. Heels always have that sassy effect I think.. They just make me feel a little bit more confident seen as I'm blessed with short legs. Providing I don't hit the deck in them. The jeans are just those ones from Primark that I stuck some rips in - I was going to buy some ready done but it seems a bit daft when it literally takes two minutes. On the shoulder flashing top front I'm in another newbie from USC. It's really simple but I know I'll wear it loads. I love that off the shoulder sort of thing and it drapes well without being completely shapeless. 

Time to go.. I've got pulled pork to eat, nails that need some TLC and could do with catching up on some chill time before Kanye at Glasto. Yeah, he's a full on pleb but I feel like I need to watch it.. Plus I can't help but want to spot Kimmy K. My Saturday nights are craaayyyzy. 

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