25 April 2015


Some of you may have seen on Twitter that a week or so ago I had a quick trip to London to get involved in a project with TRESemmé for their new Perfectly Undone range. Ohhh it was lovely. One of the hottest days of the year so far (London is positively tropical compared to the north), a beyond beautiful location and dreamy hair dos. 

I'm so excited to see the final pictures - the team on the day put in so much effort to get everything perfect (I always find that behind the scenes stuff way more fascinating when compared with the posing parts). Next week I'll be uploading a look playing about with some of the products and the final picture, so keep an eye out for that! 


23 April 2015


*All details in video below

Yikes. I uploaded this warm toned makeup look a couple of days ago on YouTube and while I was at it, I thought it'd be a good time to do this 'before and after' shot. As nice as it would be, none of us wake up with the perfect smokey eye or brows preened within an inch of their life. There are things to help out along the way (makeup, good lighting, a camera that doesn't betray you, y'know?) but I'm definitely not kidding myself that the Instagram selfie is a complete reality of my face - I have spots, blotchy parts, an oily t-zone and lips that aren't at all symmetrical, but mehhh! 

Anyway, the video below goes through the whole process. Thank the lord for cosmetics & Instagram filters right?! 

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21 April 2015


Hair by The Blow, Hair Rings - Regal Rose

So another trip to The Blow means extra Rapunzel like hair. UGH I wish my hair could look as 'done' all the time - I'm forever just rushing to get a brush through it! This look was all those festival/Coachella vibes combined.. I've spent the last couple of weekends (like most of us) wishing I was there, so at least I can get a teeny bit involved with some boho hair do. Mehhh.. Maybe one year I'll go!

The ponytail is all braided and fuzzed up - I love that kind of dishevelled but not dishevelled with purpose look. Ick that sounds pretentious, but I think you'll know what I'm getting at. I've  also got the Regal Rose Hair Rings threaded through which I'm newly obsessed with. Aren't they so pretty for plaits?! If you are off to a festival this year you need some. I love that it's an extension on my usual go-to jewellery.

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19 April 2015


And by this, I don't actually mean a career in blogging. Not everyone blogs because they want to be a blogger. Yeah, it would be nice and if that did eventually happen then that'd be great - but for me it's not the focus. I also like sitting here waffling on about stuff, even if people aren't that interested in what me & my cats have been up to. 

Having said that, one of my main reasons for starting a blog was to help out careersy wise.. More in a general sense. I do think that in whatever shape or form, blogging is really useful for help when getting on the career ladder. I think it shows initiative & enthusiasm for a start! The points below aren't so much tips, more just the things I've found that helped me out along the way. 


Biggie. You never know who you might meet with blogging, and they do say it's not what you know, it's who you know. Bleeeh.. Maybe it's partly true. Even if you're not keen on being the next blogging mega star, getting out there with the relevant folk is a great way to get yourself/out there. Events and blogging meet ups are always going for doing the networking thaaang. 

Create your online portfolio.

I've found that it's been really useful having my blog there as a bit of a portfolio of work. It's a way you can show off plenty of your skills and have it on hand for employers. You can also use it for emphasising your experience - gone on about being amazing at HTML on your CV? Use your blog as the proof.

Get your social accounts in check.

Uhhh huh. Ain't no time for employers catching those god awful drunken photos on Faceyb. While you can keep those bits private (Praise. The. Lord.), you might as well show off the social accounts that you're proud of. For me working in social media this is probably most relevant, but I always think it's good to showcase your blog's social accounts for your more 'professional' side.. Even if that does include tweeting about Big Brother & annoying Daily Mail stories (that would be me).

Big it up on that CV.

I think a lot of us have that 'do I put it on my CV..?!' moment. I always thought it sounded a little bit dweeby and that employers wouldn't be interested. Today my CV is jam packed with blog related stuff. If you've put all that work in and it's brought some good results then why not talk about it?! I always state my biggest blogging achievements and the experience that I've gained from it. In my experience most of the interviewers have been really keen to talk about it.. Even if they really aren't that sure what blogging actually is.

Keep building on your confidence.

I was a major wimp before I started blogging, and while I doubt I'll ever love myself like Kanye loves Kanye (who does?), I am now a whole lot more confident. It's always nice to work on finding something that you're good at - whether it's taking amazing pictures or being faultless when it comes to spelling (definitely not me). There are also lots of lovely people out there in the blogging world that are really supportive and can pick you up when you're having a confidence dip. 

Annnd that's what has helped me so far. I guess it does depend on what you're going into, but I think everyone gains a bit of something from it! 

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17 April 2015


MAC Blush in Happy Together, Mocha & Prism, Illamasqua Cream Blush (think this colour may have been discontinued - closest is probably 'Laid')

I say finding blush again due to the fact I probably haven't used the stuff for a good two years. It could be the fear of having the Bridget Jones moment, but I think it's more down to the fact I'd found bronzer. To me, bronzer is blush (I'm aware I'm quite probably a beauty blogger's nightmare).. But I always found a  bronzed up glow a lot easier to wear than flushed cheeks. 

Since forcing myself to get back into makeup (I was definitely stuck in a cosmetics rut) I have discovered that blush isn't this scary, pinky hued thing that is about to give my a flushed Father Christmas esq face. I've been keeping it light and sticking mostly to the more neutral tones as a bit of a safety blanket, but I think blush is my next 'thing'.. Y'know, when you suddenly become obsessed with lipsticks or the perfect highlight and feel like you need to try every possible option. My favourite at the minute is MAC Prism (the less pinky shade without the highlight), mostly because it's a dream with nude lippies. Plus it brings my attempts at contouring a little more 'to life'.. I love bringing out my cheekbones but there is a tendency for me to go a bit Corpse Bride without some colour mixed in there. 

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