24 October 2014


Beret - Boohoo, Jumper - Primark, Skirt - Primark, Boots - Forever 21

Thought I'd post another one of the outfits from my A/W Lookbook video today.. The pictures turned out looking kind of autumnal so I thought I'd put them up on here. I like being able to have a look through all the old posts and  flick through seasons.. It's a like a little diary. 

For me this is pretty cosy for this time of year, but I know some people will probably think maxi skirts are a summer thaaang. I'm as cosy in this as I would be in a pair of trousers - plus I can add a sneaky pair of tights on when it's really nippy. Maybe even a second pair. Oh God it really does get that cold doesn't it.. I always forget how chilly two pair of tights season is.


22 October 2014


Hat - H&M, Top - Topshop, Scarf - Boohoo, Skirt - Topshop, Boots - Forever 21

I feel a bit like a detective or something. A detective in a mini skirt. Hmm, I dunno. I guess there's something about the hat and the scarf. Yup, I know I may as well be wearing that scarf in every other post but it is one of my favourites. Look how freakin' huge it is. I may as well just walk about with a blanket. 

I guess other than wrapping up in that tartan thing I'm not very autumnal. Yup, no tights and no jacket. Blehhh I just can't get used to having to wrap up so much. Thankfully, it's still not that chilly up north.. I'll just be adding extra layers as it quickly becomes baltic. For now, braving it in a mini skirt. 


20 October 2014


Choker - eBay, Necklace c/o Elkin, Crop Top - Primark, Jacket - c/o Oh My Love London, Skirt - c/o Fenchurch, Heels - c/o Dorothy Perkins

I'm totally going a bit gothy looking in preparation for Halloween.. with the spooky season coming around it just makes me want to slap on the black eyeliner and dark lippy. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can pull that off for a day at work. POOK. For the next couple of weekends, each day is an excuse for a nod to Halloween.

Anyhoo, this outfit is glam for me. I'm wearing heels FGS. I don't even wear heels that much these days, I've never got anywhere schmancy to go, plus I can't walk in the bloody things. I did swap to boots when I headed out (I couldn't quite brave Starbucks in heels.. Bit much y'know). Even still, a pencil skirt makes me feel a bit dolled up. I wanted an outfit to go with a couple of new wardrobe additions. The jacket is my latest for staying cosy this winter - it's super snuggly. That little necklace is the other newbie. It's from Elkin - they do some really cute mixed metal jewellery. They're worth checking out, plus they've given me a 25% off discount code for you all if you're fancying a treat - just enter 'FASHIONINFLUX' at the checkout.. Happy shopping!


18 October 2014


Hat - Boohoo, Fur Gilet - Boohoo, T-Shirt - c/o LNA Clothing, Flares - H&M, 

I think flares are kind of big right now, don't you? I've seen loads of people wearing them recently and I'm obsessed. They're just good with lazy tees like this one and make a nice change from skinnies. This pair I've had lurking in my wardrobe for a good couple of years.. I tend to fetch them out in the winter as they need leggings or tights under them (they're lace.. ain't no way I'm flashing that much leg!). Still thinking I need a denim pair.. Trying to justify it by telling myself I'd wear them a lot. 

Other than that I'm wearing a lot of favourites that you've probably seen before. I'm loving getting back to all these A/W favourites - the gilet and hat I both had last winter.. Sure I'll still wear them to death this season. I think this is my one of my most loved months.. My birthday is coming up, Halloween, it's officially autumnal but it's not freeze your boobs off cold. Lovely. 

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