30 July 2014


Sunglasses - Cosmo Mag Freebie, Crochet Top - Primark, Swimming Costume (just seen) - eBay, Shorts - Primark,  Birkenstocks - c/o Sarenza

So, crochet is a pretty big thaaang right now don't you think? Everyone seems to be mad for it and naturally, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. The top I'm wearing is only from Primark.. I bought it just before I went away thinking it'd be the perfect beach cover up. It did actually fit the bill. Since I came back to Grotsville Sheffield I've worn it just as much as I did on my jolls - only this time it's more often than not with skinny jeans or a maxi skirt.

The shorts I've popped it with here are from Primark too - bit of a bargain outfit day all round seen as the sunglasses were a freebie with a mag. I bought 3 pairs of these for the summer.. naturally the other pairs were in black & white. They were only £4 so that's me stocked up for the rest of the sunnier months. 


28 July 2014


Sunglasses - Skiathos Town, Birkenstocks - c/o Sarenza, Bikini - c/o Triangl Swimwear

Another bikini post.. nothing fancy but it is a pretty nice bikini. Now, I do feel a bit like these days there isn't a blogger in the world who hasn't got a Triangl bikini (their blogger outreach team must be on forrrrm!), but I can't help but be completely drawn into the latest blogger obsession. Not only do they look good, but that scuba-diving-esq material makes them feel extra good quality. 

I will say that as much as I like Triangl bikinis, they're not the most practical. I'm one for getting totally zoned out with a book, which means I want to be all comfy and chilled in whatever I'm wearing. I'd say these are more the thing to go for when you want to impress - they look fabulous on but they can definitely be a wee bit stiff & sweaty to sit in all day. To be fair, I am a hard-core-8-hours-in-the-sun-sunbather.. I lasted about 3 hours before I swapped to some baggy old bikini bottoms. 


26 July 2014


Sunglasses - Skiathos Town, Two Piece - c/o Ukulele, Shoes - Office

So this was my party piece of the holiday. Y'know the sort, that one you've saved for the last night, when your tan is the best it's ever going to look & you're wanting to get a bit dolled up. I had planned to wear this on my last evening out in Skiathos, mainly because I was hoping the cream would make me look less Phil Mitchell after a day on the sunbed and more bronze goddess. I'm not sure we quite achieved the goddess tanning status (to be fair, I was finding peely-parts by this stage), but I do love this two piece on - it's just such a girly outfit!

I'm not really wearing it any different to the first time I featured it on my blog, but I still think it's the sort of outfit that doesn't require much with it. This time I'm just wearing another pair of cheapo sunglasses I picked up in Skiathos town. Think I've gone from being a round sunnies to aviators kind of girl. 


24 July 2014


Sunglasses - Skiathos Town, Top - DIY, Bottoms - Peacocks

I kind of had an 'umming & ahhing' discussion with myself about doing any bikini blog posts. After thinking about just how long it takes me to find the perfect beach outfit that it might be relevant. There's not going to be all that many of these BOOTD (Bikini Outfit Of The Day.. not got the same ring to it has it?!).. I've since realised that my DSLR shows my body in way too finer detail - my phone's shoddy picture quality seems to be much more flattering. Anyway, the scenery is freakin' fabulous. I spent way too much of my time noseying at all these fancy monster yachts & wondering if there was some super celeb on one of them.

 The bikini top I'm wearing is one of those I've been making & selling on Depop. I say 'I' - my mum watched me using the slowly using the sewing machine in a rather awkward fashion for all of 10 minutes before she took over. Apparently it was painful to watch - I've got the gist of the thing but I'm just not quite as speedy as her. So yeah, big thanks Ma. I kept one for myself & I'm so glad - it was my favourite beach outfit & held up really well with the sun, sand and sea!
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