Alongside the usual cash, phone & ID (praise
the Lord if somebody wants to ID this grandma), my bag on evenings out is
usually jam-packed. The fact that I can cut its contents down to a clutch bag’s
worth is an achievement in itself. I’m not much of a party girl, but I’ve had a
few evenings out in the diary recently that have meant I’ve perfected my ‘going
out bag’. Basically this means I’ve sussed out what makeup products are
essential for me not looking like a troll by 3am.

So, with makeup I tend to go cheap.
Nobody’s got time for losing that Chanel lipstick. Nada. Recently I’ve been
using a lot of NYX products anyway, so that works out well! The liquid lipstick
in Sandstorm is my favourite taupe-y nude and although it’s matte it doesn’t
wear off in too much of a state.

A shine fixing powder is something I always
take out with me for tackling sticky clubs. This HD Finishing Powder is one I
use daily as it gets rid of any oily areas and fuzzes out pores. I’ve gone on
about it quite a lot already, but I do think it’s really good value. That Real
Techiques brush also comes along with me as it works well for buffing it in.  

The last makeup item that gets lobbed in my
bag is anything with a mirror – right now I’ve been going for Anastasia Beverly
Hills Illuminator, as it’s a current beauty love. It’s the dreamiest highlight
and helps bring back dimension to my complexion when I’ve gone all out with the
matte powder. It’s just one I’ve got to go easy on… Tipsy tin foil face is not
a good look for me.

A last couple of essentials are actually my
usuals – hand sanitizer and perfume. Even when merry my OCD is still on top
form, so I’ll be hand sanitizing my way round any bar crawl. With perfume I’ve
been going for Noir by The White Company. It’s a handy size for my handbag and
a feminine, creamy fragrance.

Annnd that’s me done. Just pray that the
ABH Highlighter is coming home with me.

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  1. 20th August 2016 / 8:18 pm

    Love this kind of post, Lydia! Your blog inspires me a lot! Please keep up the good work! Might try the pressed powder too, I've only had NYX's loose powder and it can make me end up looking ghostly… Always a winning look.

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