I was hopeful that by now, I’d have more to show you on the house front. In reality, I did know that it’d probably take way longer than I was thinking… That’s what everyone tells you when you start work on a house, and my gaaahd are they right. Once you start it’s a complete snowball of jobs – I was initially planning on a lick of paint here and there, but have ended up gutting the place. With it being my first house I feel like if I’m doing it I might as well do it properly… Then move onto moaning about being penniless and having to live on Pot Noodles for the rest of eternity! 

With everything just coming out of the building site stage (oh how it’s lovely to have walls and flooring again!) I thought I’d share a small snippet of some new house-y bits. I can’t wait to get talking about this kind of thing more, so this is a nice start! As I’m sure is expected, everything is pretty minimal. The whole place is getting painted white, with light flooring going in all the rooms – I just love having this big blank canvas to add to! In my bedroom we managed to salvage the floorboards. Me and the ‘rents have had a love/hate relationship with them (mostly love from me, hate from my Pa when he found out he had the task of sanding them…), but they’re finally finished. I love how they look – super clean but still like they’re in keeping with the house. 

Accessories wise I’ve only purchased a few things to date. The prints were from Not On The High Street, framed up by my lovely Ma – Wilko do some faaabulously cheap black frames. Then there’s the larger print, a mega bargain I found in Next. It was ex-display, costing me a grand total of £4. I’ve also had some seriously cute housewarming gifts from friends… A cocktail shaker seems like a first house necessity and the test tube vase is just my sort of thing! 

So for now, that’s all I can share on the house front. I’ve got some painting left, wood floor to sort out and a sofa arriving shortly, so there will be more updates to come. I can’t wait to see it all come together and take some pictures… Fingers crossed for everything ending up Pinterest worthy. 

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  1. 29th September 2016 / 6:34 pm

    Congrats on getting a place, cannot wait to see it complete, but it seems like all is going well x

    Millie x

  2. 30th September 2016 / 1:38 pm

    how exciting! Can't wait to see how it looks!

  3. 1st October 2016 / 2:55 am

    Mmmm, I love that red brick as an accent among all of the white.

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