I don’t usually see flat shoes as a thing for this season – I normally spend September onwards in chunky boots. Actually, I don’t wear flat shoes much in general. I guess that’s the thing with having disproportionally short legs… I always feel like I need some sort of heel, even if it’s only an inch or so! Stubby leg problems aside, I’ve finally found a pair of flat shoes that I love. 

I got the pair I’m wearing a month or so ago from H&M. I saw them online and ended up buying them in the black and white… They were just what I’d been after, and only cost around £15. I know they’re not a style that’s for everyone (maybe they’re a tiny bit ‘witchy?!’), but I’d wanted that pointed fit. They’re the sort of flat’s that don’t feel too casual, y’know? I always go for a heel to smarten things up a bit, but it’s nice to have a good pair of everyday flats that can be a smart option too.

Here I’ve just wearing them with my Farleigh Jeans and a bodysuit, both from ASOS. I actually bought the body for Halloween, but I’ve worn it loads since. It’s a good one for wearing with all things high waisted.

Oh, aaaand these pictures are another peek at my new bedroom. It’s almost finished, I just need a few extras – side tables, shelves and so on. I’ve got a post coming up this week with some recent details in the house, so keep an eye out for that!

Body – ASOS / Jeans – ASOS / Bag – H&M / Flats – H&M


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