Okay… I’m not about to get my pension, but at any age, getting older can be a scary thought. My mum always tells me about the time I was about 11 and I came into her room crying, saying I never wanted to grow up. I was a dramatic child… Now, I’m thankfully a more level headed 25-year-old. The pictures in this post were actually taken on my 25th birthday – I had one of the most content birthdays yet, but even then I still moaned about the fact I was another year older. Yup, we all do it, and I do think this young adult age can be extra horrifying – being a teen doesn’t feel like that long ago, yet all of a sudden grown up life arrives and you’re expected to make your own doctor’s appointments and stuff. 

Buuut, it isn’t all bad. As much as I whinge about it, I know there’s a lot to appreciate being a little older. Saying bye bye to student discount is tough, but adult stuff does have its benefits. 

You know yourself better than ever. 

I honestly can’t even comprehend who I was at 19. I’ve no idea what I was like, what I believed in, what I wanted to do… That’s mostly because back then I didn’t know any of that myself. I can’t imagine that I was the person I am today back then, and while I haven’t got things completely sussed out, I know myself a lot better. It’s taken me a good few years, but in that time I’ve learnt who I actually am.  

You care less.   

About what people think, what people say, whether your thighs will fit into the Christmas party frock. Generally, I worry a lot less about insignificant things these days. Mostly that’s because I don’t have the time to – grown up life involves so much more of what’s important, overtaking the likes of worrying if I got a little bit fat this winter.

We all have bad days, but I don’t find they happy so much these days. Through experience, I know that fuckboy won’t ruin my life and neither will the lecturer that made me feel like the thickest person on the planet. Important stuff becomes bigger than ever, and the smaller gets squished out.  

Your confidence grows.  

Many of us go through way too much self hate in younger years. Finally putting that to bed is a massive relief. I think knowing yourself better + caring less = more confidence… You know who you are, you’re less bothered what people think of that and the combination is comforting. I’d love to be able to tell the shy, teenage version of myself that I’d get myself together. I may never be the big balls, but my confidence has been a grower. 

You do you.

Exactly you. What you want, what’s best for you, where you wanna be and where you want to go in life. You can stay up watching Netflix ‘til whatever hour, you can eat chocolate until you feel sick (me) and you can buy what you want. If anything, it’s something I’m only really noticing now. I’ve become a lot more adulty this year, with buying my own place and working on managing my blog… I think it’s the most independent I’ve ever felt, which is lovely. 

Above all, it’s a luxury. 

Not everyone grows old, and as horrifying as entering the downhill slope to 30 once appeared to me, I know that it’s a luxury many people don’t get… That’s one of my favourite quotes. It’s a real ‘woah, shit’ thing that’s going to probably make you feel a little bad (it does me), but also has the best reality check effect. At times, I’ll completely contradict myself and harp on about getting wrinkly eyes, but deep down I know I need to drill the ‘getting old is a luxury’ mantra into my head. 

So, not 100% accepting of being officially in my mid twenties, but I can deal with it. Getting older has plenty of plus points!  

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