It’s been a good few weeks since I did my last home update, so I thought I’d add a quick blog post to keep you in the loop with where things are at. I’ve still not moved in, but we’re getting a lot closer to having a finished home… Exciting! We’re mostly past looking like a building site (excluding a work in progress bathroom… MEH), and now it’s onto the fun bit – adding cute homely decorations.

The main change has been that I now have a living room! If you follow me on Snapchat (fashioninflux) you’ll have probably seen plenty of it. I love how it’s turned out so far, with it feeling like a good mix of modern and feminine. The sofa featured above is the one I went for from Next. It’s called the Wilson and I think it’s reasonably new in. The style is just what I was after – not too fussy, a high leg and in a soft grey. I got the 3-seater sofa, chair and a footstool so I could have something for getting extra comfy on! One thing I would say is the chair is much larger than I expected – this dope didn’t measure it, and thankfully it does fit perfect but is larger than what I assumed a chair would be. I love it all the same, and it’ll be lovely for cosy nights reading.

As well as the sofa, I did have to go on a massive IKEA splurge. I feel like it’s an essential to go spend a sickening amount of money on Scandinavian goods when buying a house. There were a few necessities, as well as some extra soft furnishings for making things look homely. The side table for my lounge was a really cheap one and it’s just the right size for books and drinks… I’m not bothering with a coffee table as I’m reluctant to give up the space for it!

Those peachy pink cushions were another IKEA purchase and add a little colour to which was a mostly monochrome house. They’re also a dreamy match for the throw – this is actually a scarf I bought from H&M. I decided it was just what I was looking for in the house and I’d been struggling to find a similar style that wasn’t a ridiculous price. In the end I bought one for the house, one to wear. As you can tell… I’m big into the peach/grey combo!

The last thing I’ll mention is the cute, clip on light. I’ve not bought much copper as I don’t want to go tooo mad, but I did love this! It’s just a lovely night light, something I can use when reading… I just need to find something to clip it to other than the radiator!

Aaaand that’s it so far. The house tour will be coming, but I want to make sure things are how I want them before I get carried away and show things in dribs and drabs. For now though, a liveable living room is a big achievement!
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