10 minute party hairPost getting my party outfit sorted, I’m straight onto wondering about what the heck I’ll do with my hair. Parties for me usually fall after work, which mostly means that pre-party prep is a rush job. Soooo, I thought I’d share my extra quick party hair for evenings out! It’s just something simple that finishes off my look, without adding too much stress to my get ready routine.10 minute party hairI’m using the new ghd Copper Luxe Hair Styler for this look, an early Christmas present that’s come in handy for festive hairstyles. I was due a new pair of straighteners and ghd’s never disappoint, plus the copper colour is a favourite!

Anyway, here’s how I spruce up my hair for winter parties in 10 minutes…10 minute party hairStep One – Curling

I don’t section my hair for this look, as when I’m rushing around I don’t think it’s necessary. Instead, I just take chunky sections and start curling away from my face. With straighteners, I find this is easiest to do by taking a section between the plates and flipping it backwards. I then take the straightener through my hair, smoothing it out as I go. Once I’ve reached the end of the section, I wrap it back around the straightener from ends to the root, allowing it to set around the plates. This doesn’t take me long as I only do around 5 sections on either side of my parting.10 minute party hair10 minute party hairStep Two – Texture

Once I’ve curled all my hair, I start ‘fluffing’ it up a bit. Basically, I add a bit of texture by separating the sections more, pulling my hair upwards to make sure I’m not losing any volume. While I’m doing it I spritz on ghd’s Final Shine Spray, keeping things glossy.10 minute party hair10 minute party hair10 minute party hairStep Three – Add Accessories

Just to jazz things up a bit I added one of those sparkly grips, making things a little more ‘party ready’…. I wear my hair in these relaxed waves a lot, so it’s nice to accessorise with something a little different!I’ve got a couple of Christmassy goings on this week, so I’m really looking forward to getting my glam on again with this look. You can find the new ghd Copper Luxe collection here – it’s just the sort of thing I’d love as a festive treat for a loved one or myself!

Lydia xo

*This post is sponsored, all views are mine own.


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