christmas thoughtsAnd just like that, Christmas arrived. Where does this time of year go?! I just wanted to send some festive wishes to you all before I give myself a little break for the Christmas period. I’m not putting timings on it – if I want to blog this week then I’ll blog, but if I want to spend my 10 days off the 9-5 job getting fat on Quality Street and having a social media break then that’ll suit me just fine.

In the true words of Queen Kylie Jenner, I’ve had a year of ‘realising stuff’, with Christmas being the final reminder as to what I really give a shit about. A whole lot’s changed over the months; myself, my priorities, my lifestyle; and I can happily say it’s been for the better. It’s come to the festivities and I’ve realised I’m a happier person than I’ve ever been, and that’s not because of a new bloke, amazing new job or a blog post doing freaking amazing. All those things are nice, but I’ve ended up being happier and healthier (mentally and physically) through really giving myself my best shot… I’m not positive 100% of the time, and I’ve had to make myself my own project to work out what I want in my life to make it a better place to be. In the past I’ve been my own worst enemy, but I can finally say I’m on my own side. I’ve worked out that really, no one can add more to my life than I can.

That’s all a bit mushy, but it’s Christmas, and if we can’t all get slushy over a Bailey’s when can we?! I’m hoping you all have a faaabulous Christmas, filled with your most special people and lots of love.


Lydia xo

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