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gucci princetown slipper ebay dupe gucci princetown slipper ebay dupeeBay designer dupe time. It’s been a while since I did one of these (I shared a Chloe Faye inspired handbag here), but this time round it’s a look alike for the Gucci Princetown Leather Slippers. I’ve been lusting after a real pair, but £700 on shoes isn’t an option for many of us… While I’m not all a fan of wearing fakes, I don’t mind designer inspired. The thing is, if you’re from city suburbs like me then no bugger is any wiser – I’d love a Chanel handbag, but I can’t really think of anyone I know who would appreciate its significance quite like I would! Yeah, if I was rolling round London with the fashion-y folk then I probably wouldn’t wear an eBay version of the Gucci favourites, but I’m not, so we’re good.

The other thing is the Gucci slip ons are very trend led – we’re all loving them now, but I wouldn’t say they’re a classic. I do want to treat myself to a good handbag that’ll last me years, but I can’t quite commit to spending so much on something I’m not sure I’ll even like after a while! Mayyybe the simple loafer style is something I could eventually justify…

gucci princetown slipper ebay dupegucci princetown slipper ebay dupeThe pair was around £18 with postage, and I actually think they’re pretty decent! Yeah, completely not the real deal, but for me they’ll do as comfies for running errands and days in the house. The faux fur isn’t bad on them and they fit fine. My only issue is that they stiiiiink of that horrible plastic material smell… I’ve been airing them out for a few days and spritzed them with some Febreeze which seems to be helping.

gucci princetown slipper ebay dupeYou can find them here – there are a few different colours available and it’s a UK seller (they took around 3 days to arrive). It’s also worth searching ‘fur loafers’ and ‘fur slip ons’ – I’ve seen some styles from China which look fluffier, but I’m impatient and wanted to see what these were like! Even if I only use mine as house shoes, I still think they’re pretty cute.

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