realistic changes this year
Down with resolutions. I can’t bloody well do them. If you’re expecting me to focus on living off carrot sticks for the next month then you can guarantee I’ll be eating mash potato sandwiches within days in.

Instead, I like to think of things as little changes… No pressure, just alterations and updates for a better year. Okay, it’s just a different name for it, but I feel a lot better when I can consider things without the negative connotations. Resolutions to me suggests that there’s something crummy going on, whereas change doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

So, for the next year I’m keeping things realistic, with a few little things to focus on in 2017. Here we go, with 5 things I think we can all stick to.

Take fewer pictures.
I’m continuing this one from 2016, encouraging myself to take even fewer pictures. I was seeing less and less of the world because I was too busy trying to get a snap of it… Gaaahd it’s stressful when you’re constantly thinking ‘fuck I need to get my camera out’. 90% of the time I missed whatever the hell I was looking at by the time I found the thing. Orrrr I’d end up with 20 very similar shots of something, most of whichThis year I want to enjoy things more and really see things, rather than look back at it on a computer screen. I’m not saying stick a ban on taking pictures, but do I need 50 pictures of my cat sleeping? No.

Finish the day with one positive thing.
Positive viiiibez. I feel such a hippy with anything like this, but it’s stuff like this that can actually help out. I can’t be positive all day every day. I just can’t. I want to moan about the rubbish ads on ITV, get pissy about drivers that don’t indicate and feel depressed because I’ve had to finally accept ‘just ‘cause it zips don’t mean it fits’ and lob my tightest trousers in a charity bag. Buuuut, at some point I’ve got to force myself out of that. We’ve all got to – the power of giving yourself a kick up the backside is a big one.

And so, rather than trying to completely alter my resting bitch face persona, I’m just going to try add one positive thing to my life a day. Whether it’s thinking about a cute memory, or making myself a well deserved cup of tea after a hectic day, it’s just something to make at least one thing about the day good. It doesn’t have to be huge, but I don’t want to finish my days on sulky, stressful thoughts.

Take better care of myself.
‘Lydia. No one’s asking you to live on cabbage soup, but please, quit the beige food.’ Okay, that’s what the sensible side of me would say, buuut, we are being realistic here. Alternatively, I’m on about smaller changes to give myself some TLC. Putting heat protector on my hair, ten minutes of yoga here and there, taking my makeup off after a night out… Hey, even taking my false lashes off after a night out would be a start. To me, this all makes up part of being kinder to yourself, both in a physical sense and mentally. I find it’s the simple things that can give me a good pick me up.

Another one I’ve taken from 2016. At points I’d got things in completely the wrong order, but eventually I got it together for the right work/life balance. I’m keeping it in my realistic changes this year as I think getting priorities right is something to always work on, otherwise we get into the same old rut. Sometimes I need to focus on blog work more, others I need to give myself a break to enjoy time with family. It’s going to keep changing, but listening to what I actually need is something I always want to stick to.

Compliment people.
Yuuup, finishing with one I say every year, but I feel as strong about it as I ever did. Please, just tell people nice stuff. It doesn’t have to be false or creepy-stalker-weird, but if you think your work colleague has really lovely hair today, tell her. It’s fucking nice to be nice – I’ll never understand folk that get a bigger buzz out of making digs or being negative. I just think there’s so much that goes unsaid, that can really make a difference to someone’s day.

A sales assistant a while back said to me ‘you’ve got lovely arms, they look really toned’… I was chuffed. It wasn’t odd, just something she’d thought and was confident enough to say. And you know what? I told about three people that day that someone had said to me ‘I had nice arms’… Lol. It was an unusual compliment, but one that made my day a little happier, and those 6am trips to the gym extra worthwhile. Words have the biggest effect, which means the nice ones are extra important.

Right, 5 is more than enough for one year. I ain’t a machiiiine. Time to crack on telling folk they’re pretty and give myself a face mask.

Lydia xo



  1. 3rd January 2017 / 9:02 pm

    I loved reading this post. Its funny because I told myself I wanted to take more photos but after reading that you want to take less I suppose it kind of makes sense. I think we are stuck in a world where people dont believe you have done something unless you have a photo of it but that shouldnt be the way we think. We should enjoy the moment we are in because well we are in it!!
    Good luck 2017 lovely, I think you are going to smash it!


  2. Dionne
    4th January 2017 / 10:50 am

    You are really funny Lydia but it’s true. Why make unrealistic goals for yourself? I never really compliment people as much as I should. I’m always thinking it but I never say it to them which is bad, I could be making someone’s day.

    Dionne xoxo
    DeeDee Louise

  3. Kristina Maggiora
    4th January 2017 / 10:52 am

    Loved reading this! I want to do the same and take less photos, especially when I travel or when I’m out with friends. Just live in the moment! x

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  4. 6th January 2017 / 4:41 pm

    Loved this post!! Love the idea of finishing the day with one positive thing and the idea of complimenting people more too 🙂 I am trying to capture more photos this year as last year feel I missed out a little 🙂
    Happy new year lovely xxx

  5. Eve
    9th January 2017 / 7:32 pm

    I love this, Ithink a lot of people feel the pressure of a resolution which leads them to fail. But these are great I may implement some of these into my life.


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