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adding blogging CVWhile full time blogging hasn’t really been something I’ve fancied, I’ve always appreciated how having a blog has helped me out career wise. I started my blog as a university student – I had no idea what I was doing and no experience. After a couple of years blogging, I graduated knowing what I wanted to do and in a good position to start doing that… Blogging had managed to lead to a few internships and generally made a pretty substandard CV sound way more impressive.

We’re a few years down the line now and I’m still working in an industry that’s really influenced by blogging (social media/advertising). My CV still features my blog, and more than ever I’m keen to push it when it comes to career prospects. I always get asked a lot about my blogging experience by employers, and found it often filled up most of an interview, especially when applying for internships and junior roles.

It was only when I realized that folk were so keen to discuss it that I really started pushing it when applying for jobs. I know I’ve seen other bloggers ask if it’s something to include on a CV… YES! Okay, if you’re going into nursing then maybe not so much, but there are so many ways you can use your blogging experience to show transferrable skills, even if it’s just the ‘I’m confident and articulate’ kind of thing.

Things to Include

When it comes to adding my blog to my CV I treat it like any other job. It’s listed the same as my 9-5, coming straight after my full time job. It’s been a sustainable income for me, so why would I consider placing it anywhere else?! I also include it in the standard ‘About Me’ section – again, if it’s a big part of your life then it’s worth sharing, especially if it ties in well with the role you’re considering.

Alongside this, I link all my social media accounts. This isn’t necessarily for everyone, but if I’m going on about all this stuff I want to back things up. Also, if your interviewer has stalking skills they’ll soon find you on social media anyway. You just need to make sure that your social accounts are worth showing off – try to keep the spelling good and maybe don’t include if you’re going on about how smashed you were at the weekend. My Twitter and Instagram accounts are mostly blog focused so I don’t mind sharing them.

Another thing I’ve done in the past is include a link through to a Pinterest board featuring examples of work/features. Again, it’s just a way of backing things up and showing off what you’re proud of.

That’s the overview, but presenting all that right can be tricky. Below I’ve included a rough guide showing how I list my blog as a ‘job’. I’ve included a few examples, but obviously this is tailored to what makes you a blogging dreamboat.

adding blogging cv

Aaaand that’s about it! I’m hoping this will be helpful… If you’ve worked your butt off blogging, then why not talk about it? I know it depends on what job you’re going for, but I still think having a blog shows self-motivation, dedication and passion. Okay, I’m done now sounding like a motivational speaker. Taraaa!

Lydia xo



  1. 8th March 2017 / 12:49 am

    Love this! Once my blog is exactly to where I’m 100% happy with it I will be putting it on my CV for sure. I’m still very new to blogging (this time around!) so feel as if I need to give it a little bit of time first, but I also work in that industry so I know how important it is 🙂 xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

  2. Sophie
    13th March 2017 / 7:18 pm

    This is a really good post! I’m not a blogger at all but I think it’s really nice that you’ve done this to help other people. Wishing you happiness x

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