How I Do My Nails At Home

semilac diy manicure semilac diy manicuresemilac diy manicureI don’t know when you get to a point when you can’t deal with not having your nails looking fresh, but for me, it happened. I used to be fine about just having my nails in whatever state, but these days – nah. I just can’t cope with them being scruffy and out of shape. I feel like when I’ve got my nails together, my life’s together. Ha. It’s just part of my beauty routine that makes me feel loads better.

I love having my nails done, but I’m always up for a DIY option. Basically, I’m a fan of anything that’ll save me a bit of dollar in the long run. For the last few weeks I’ve been having a go with Semilac’s nail kit to show you all how I fix my nails up at home. I picked out a few shades that are perfect for me – mostly dark tones, with a couple of nudes and some ‘WTH’ sparkles… The glittery pink is just what I need for a girls’ night! To give you a bit of a DIY run through today, I’m using Fancy Foxtrot, a subtler sparkle… Isn’t it a whole load of mermaid goodness?! It’s a dark blue/green with multi-coloured glitz. Love.

It’s a UV polish, which I’m also a big fan of. My main issue with doing my nails at home is that I’m always rushing around and don’t always have the time (or patience) to wait for things to dry. So – application wise, here’s what I do for a decent finish.

Step One – Prep

Buff, file and all that jazz. I’ve got acrylics on at the minute, so I just lightly buffed things over, then neatened up the shape of my nail – I like to keep them tapered toward the ends.semilac diy manicuresemilac diy manicure

Step Two – Paint

The slightly fiddly bit, but even as a clumsy person I can manage this. Simple, it’s a case of base coat, two layers of colour and top coat. Paint wise I try to keep things pretty thin, blobbing a little just down from the cuticle and sort of pushing it up a little without flooding the bed. After that, I just fill in like regular polish, just making sure I go round the edges to seal.

Swatches L-R – Pink Rock, Classic Wine, Fancy Foxtrot, Nuts & Caramel, Steel Grey, Midnight Samba, Starlight Nightsemilac diy manicuresemilac diy manicure

Step Three – Fancy Finish

Gimme some cuticle oil. Stick a bit of hand cream on. Y’know – all things that finish things off and make you feel like you’ve had a real treat. I love a good hand massage, so once I’ve got my nails all neat I’ll really make sure my mitts are moisturised.semilac diy manicureAnnnd that’s me all sorted with a DIY nail update. I love this kind of thing for giving myself a bit of beauty TLC. I’m going to switch things up for the tan/nude soon – I’ve been looking for a perfect everyday shade like Nuts & Caramel forever!

You can take a look at all the Semilac products here… Prepare to be torn over which colours to go for, there are so many beaaautiful finishes! You can also have a browse on their Facebook/Twitter for extra deets.

Lydia xo

*This post is sponsored, all views are my own.


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