Feeling Good


I don’t want to appear too one dimensional, but I won’t lie – a good outfit makes me feel gooood. The world may not revolve around shoes and handbags, but I’m happy if my world involves pick me ups in that format. Lol. Okayyyy, aside from that, I love that feeling when you find an outfit you know you’ll always feel confident in. The kind you go for when you’re having the ‘what the fuck am I going to wear’ crisis.


Main factor in the good outfit feels? These trousers. They’re the first I’ve had from Native Youth and I could not love them more (they’re the Grey Catabolic Pants). I’ve realised from difficulty finding a good fit that actually, that’s a bid deal to me. Do I wanna spend all day feeling squished in all the wrong places? Nope. This grey pair fit just right (Goldilocks) and are just the type of thing that I’ll wear to death.

Females of whatever size often aren’t just straight up straight down, and any brand that acknowledges that makes me happyyy.


After a seriously lovely Easter weekend, I’m still high on all the feel good vibes. And probably sugar. I did eat myself into a sickening food coma, but I also took time out to simply enjoy time with my favourite people. No worrying about work, no focusing on fitting in blog posts, less thinking about whether I can afford to have my garden landscaped (NOT A EUPHEMISM – actual adulty concerns). Sometimes you just gotta surround yourself by your most loved folk, have a little nap and watch trash TV. It can be equally as lush as anything fancy.


Lydia xo



  1. 21st April 2017 / 12:39 am

    Love the fit of your denim!



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