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topshop dress moments event 4topshop dress moments event


You know me – if there’s anything blogger related going on in Sheffield then I’m there. Which is why (as ever) I’m a big fan of Topshop… They’re always happy to run in-store events across all locations. This is the second project I’ve worked on with them and I was suuuper pleased to be involved – not only did I get to talk about some of my favourite frocks, but for the first time I got to properly meet people that actually read my blog. It was kind of surreal, but lovely… Previously, I’ve only ever bumped into followers on tipsy nights out!

For my little meet up, I got to invite you guys into Topshop Meadowhall to talk about all my most loved dresses, as well as eat too many cupcakes. In my book, talking clothes, eating cake and having a glass of prosecco is alwaaays a good thing! Plus, Topshop is full of the most beautiful fits right now, so I couldn’t wait to share what I was loving.

topshop dress moments event topshop dress moments event topshop dress moments event

The event itself was actually down in Topshop’s personal shopping department. Back in December I had my first appointment there, picking out a few glam styles to wear over the party season. Topshop personal styling is definitely something I can’t rave about enough – you basically end up with your own personal shopping suite, with the Topshop team on hand to help out with your shopping needs (in my case that’s usually grabbing a bigger size, when I realise my bum will likely never fit!). Before my #DressMoments event, I’d had an hour or so with Kirby (one of Topshop’s dream styling babes) to pick out a few of my favourite styles to share with you. I loveeed this – it’s so nice to try on more options, working out what suits you and what doesn’t along the way!

We ended up picking out outfits for all these summer occasions coming up – weddings, summer holidays, trips to the races… It’s already made me want to get more planned in for this season, just so I’ve got an excuse to buy a few more styles! I was mainly drawn to beautiful prints, with the floral maxi dress and gingham numbers high on my lust list. When it comes to this season, it’s nice to get back to some brighter looks and bold prints!


topshop dress moments event

The dress I’m wearing I mainly went for because it’s so versatile. It’s just my sort of style (I went on about mini dresses a lotttt during the evening!), but it’s something I can wear during the day and evening. It’s getting paired with those heels for the Bank Holiday coming up, but I also want to wear it more casual with Converse. It’s just an all round cutie! That’s another thing I talked about plenty at the event – I think finding the perfect dress is all about finding a style that suits you. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, but Topshop is my go-to when it comes to getting occasion outfits sorted… I know they’ve got the variety for all types of events and the quality is there too.

So, all round a lovelyyyy evening. Topshop did such a good job of making it a good night, and I was beyond excited (if a little nervous!) to meet some of you properly and find out more about the people that do read my posts!


Lydia xo



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