Here’s To Always Dressing Inappropriately

dressing inappropriate slip dress outfitdressing inappropriate slip dress outfit


Especially in this country. We’re forever stuck in awkward seasons and changeable weather, to the point that I’ve now accepted that whatever I wear, I’ll probably be too hot/cold/uncomfortable/end up piss wet through. I can buy as many cute crop tops as I like, but I can guarantee that the minute I do, the heavens will open. I’m not talking the cut out, mini dress, bodycon with skyscraper heels to a Christening scenarios, but certain levels of worrying about appropriate dressing can be irritating and a waste of time. I’m done with caring if I feel a bit daft wearing shorts on a grey day in the UK!

I’m mostly about layering at this time of year, just like I’ve gone for with this outfit. I wasn’t sure about the silky slip dress over a chunky knit, but there’s enough material for the dress to skim over things nicely. I love wearing summer dresses like this – it means I don’t have to save them for the warm days! If it’s not a chunky knit, I might go for a mesh layer, that way my arms are still covered up a little. I can cope with my legs out fine, but if it’s cold and I’m wearing a strappy top, I’m done.

dressing inappropriate slip dress outfit dressing inappropriate slip dress outfit


Yup, another level of outrageous… and I will 100% be making the most of it this weekend at Parklife. I’m going for the first time this year, and aside from all the music/drinks/fun with friends stuffs, I’m huuugely looking forward to outfits that would be inappropriate in any other setting! I’m not going too out there (I think my days of glitter nipples are behind me) but I’m definitely getting dolled up. Despite the weather forecast, I’ll be wearing short shorts, glitter and maybe some mesh. Exciiiited!

I’ll definitely try put some pictures on Instagram, so keep an eye out for updates over there.


Lydia xo



  1. Emily
    8th June 2017 / 11:46 pm

    Love this look ! So effortless

  2. 9th June 2017 / 3:10 pm

    Haha, I love this post!! I must admit, I feel quite fortunate now living in south Florida, but I must admit though that I am faced with a similar situation. Only difference is that in here it’s mostly hot and humid, and people are endlessly wearing flip flops and shorts, when I like to dress up more. Anyways, cheers to dressing inappropriately!! 🙂

    Kay |

  3. 16th June 2017 / 10:35 am

    I just love this. This outfit is a perfect option for a night out or summer fun. It looks so elegant & super comfortable!!

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