Wearing Wide Leg Trousers

wide leg trousers outfitwide leg trousers outfit


What d’ya thiiiink? I just became the biggest lover of wide leg trousers, having not worn this sort of style for years. In fact, they’re making me a little nostalgic over Tammy Girl tasseled cargo pants. Stretching it on the resemblance, but they feel similar with so much material to spare.

With summer season almost with us, I think this style couldn’t be more appropriate – yeah, you’re pretty covered up, but a loose fit is always my kind of thing on muggy days! When I don’t want to brave sharing my undercooked dumpling looking legs, this outfit is definitely what I want to go for… We’ve just started looking at booking our summer hols, so I’m hoping I’ll soon have an opportunity to wear these in the evening at a sunny resort. HELLAAA excited!

wide leg trousers outfitwide leg trousers outfit


It’s been a while since I ordered from Boohoo, but in the last couple of weeks I’ve ended up with a few new additions. I forgot how good they are for basics! For a girly night out I picked up an £8 midi dress (it’s out of stock now but there’s a similar style here) and then got these red trousers from their new collection. I seriouslyyy want to do a holiday shop online – I’ve seen so many cute pieces for warmer weather!

wide leg trousers outfit

Details wise, I’ve gone for gold again. I’ve recently switched over a lot and the main reason? It shows up way better on pictures. Ha. Well, I think it does anyway. I’ll always love my silver hardware, but there’s also room for gold in my life tooo. The gold chain bag (Gucci inspired much?!)is one of my biggest loves right now, and my next purchase has got to be gold rings that won’t turn my fingers green!


Necklace – Mi Moneda / Shirt – Boohoo / Trousers – Boohoo / Belt – Primark / Bag – H&M

Lydia xo



  1. Aleisha
    16th June 2017 / 10:01 pm

    Love this. I’m always too scared to wear bright colours! Black and white are my go to, but I LOVE the red!

    Aleisha x


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