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dalmatian print wallpaper ukdalmatian print wallpaper uk


I’m a big follower of blogger style, and that’s not just fashion, I love blogger interior ideas too! Most of my decor inspo comes from Pinterest, with imagery often coming from bloggers – my Pinterest board to rooms in my house ratio doesn’t make sense! Anyway, I was big on the bandwagon with copper and marble (two biiig blogger favourites), and now I’m joining a new blogger love – Dalmatian print. Lust Living started me off with her amaaazing Dalmatian office and now I’m obsessed with the stuff.

So, what do you think?! I’m so pleased with how it turned out! It’s only a small area, but I think it makes such a difference to the room. After making my house a blank canvas with matte white walls, it’s lovely to finally add some details. I love how bright things are with white, but this kind of thing keeps it from being clinical.

dalmatian print wallpaper uk


Did you even know there was such a thing?! It’s basically blown my mind. Instead of having a fight with wallpaper paste, removable wallpaper helps you avoid decorating induced tantrums. The thought of even starting to conventionally wallpaper any room after a full house refurb gives me nightmares… It’s just the last, lengthy task I want to consider. I’m now completely sold on this stuff for quick transformations – I did this in just over an hour on a Saturday evening! It’s just a case of matching up any patterns, peeling the backing off and sticking the stuff down. Once you’ve neatened up any edges, you’re done. If you have a change of heart, you can peel it back off just as easy.

I’m already wanting to get another print for my attic… It’s another room that needs a bit of personality, and knowing I can update things this quick is a relief! I’m thinking of going for a simple herringbone, probably monochrome again but a cute feature wall.

Removable wallpaper is slightly more expensive, but I’m more than happy to pay that bit extra for less faffing! Mine came from Livettes Wallpaper, who do some beauuutiful designs. They’re also Europe based, so don’t take forever to deliver or cost an arm and a leg on postage.
dalmatian print wallpaper ukdalmatian print wallpaper uk


I’m not actually done here, but I was too keen to show you all. I’ve got a couple of pictures to put up as well as a gold magazine rack. I’ve switched things up for mostly gold accessories in here – there are so many cute gold home decorations right now that I couldn’t resist adding a few! I’m also wanting a new sheepskin rug, and maybe a different cushion. I love that the house is gradually changing over time, with different bits moved to more appropriate areas. It’s never ending, but I like that!

I’ll probably share some more home details when the office is finished up and the attic has furniture. Next weekend involves a trip to IKEA and I couldn’t be more excited about cheap furniture and meatballs!



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  1. 6th July 2017 / 5:36 pm

    I love browsing Pinterest for home inspiration too, it’s so addictive! Love the dalmation print x


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