3 Ways To Quickly Boost Body Confidence

Freya Lingerie Body ConfidenceFreya Lingerie Body ConfidenceAlongside the usual bombardment from social media, this time of year comes with added pressure on body confidence… * ahem * bikini body season?! Yup, this time of year is full on with all those ‘get holiday hot’ headlines.

It can be a struggle, but I’m happy to say I’m actually in a really good place with my body confidence! I think getting to this point can make a big difference to day- to- day life, so today I’m working with Freya Lingerie to talk about how I quickly boost my self-lurrrve!

They’re a brand that also really value the power of being happy in your own skin, and for me, devoting a little extra time to appreciating yourself is a worthy investment. Here are 3 ways I give myself a body confidence boost…
Freya Lingerie Body ConfidenceFreya Lingerie Body Confidence


I’ve recently binned a lot of underwear, after getting a bit more junk in the trunk, y’know?
Just in time, Freya have helped me out with an underwear update… Instead of feeling rubbish about myself in a greying bra and ill-fitting knickers, they made sure I got the perfect fit and style underwear to make me feel and look great.

A beautiful bra can transform the way you feel. I find my choice of underwear is so important in how confident I feel and the clothes I choose to wear… It’s the first thing you put on, a starting point to your day which lets you feel comfortable in your style.

I picked 2 bralettes with matching knickers from Freya’s new AW17 collections – the Freya Fancies in Chilli Red & Sweet Illusion longline bra and shorts set… I always feel like they’re the most flattering on my long-ish bod. Both fit so well, and feel like the perfect balance between something sexy and girly. Red is something that alwayyyys makes me feel glam, and the Sweet Illusion print is my fun floral choice.

Freya Lingerie Body Confidence


I don’t really go to the gym for anything other than it makes me feel good. Yeah, toning up my arms is a perk, but the feel good factor is what gets me there. Those endorphins have been way better for my body confidence than for the improvement of those bingo wings.

I think it’s the whole thing of giving yourself some TLC. You’re giving your body what it needs, and in turn you feel a little happier about what’s in front of you.

Freya Lingerie Body Confidence


Stop moaning about your thighs with your mates. Stop failing to take compliments. Stop standing in front of the mirror overanalysing. Personally, I’ve known myself spend a good 20 minutes picking out my every fault in the mirror, after only heading to the bathroom to brush my teeth! Eventually, you just have to tell yourself that enough is enough. Conversation (in your head or with a friend!) over, no more moaning about whatever it is that’s getting you worked-up.

I’d rather get myself out of that vicious cycle ASAP. A few deep breaths or some meditation may sound a little fluffy, but that followed by a pamper session works great for getting me to quit negative thoughts and replace them with some self-love.

Freya Lingerie Body ConfidenceI’m really hoping this will help a few of you feel extraaa amazing about yourselves. Everyone should be happy with who they are… It took plenty of effort for me to get to the point where I’d be able to share this much of myself, but I can now happily be like ‘yeah, this is who I am, and I can cope with that’. I’ve accepted my flaws and moved on – do I wanna waste my time worrying if one of my boobs is a bit bigger than the other?! Nope.

Freya have some dreamy AW17 numbers for setting yourself up on the right track with body confidence. I’m in love with all the playful bright, bold sets, with so many different styles and sizes, right up to a K cup, that’s one of the things I love about their range…they celebrate real curves! If you’re looking at this and thinking, ‘yeah but that wouldn’t suit me’, then there’s sure to be another style that’d work for you. You can view the latest collections here.

Lydia xo

*This post is sponsored, all views are my own.


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  1. 23rd August 2017 / 1:19 am

    It’s so important to accept yourself the way you are and a lot of time women fail to realise that, excellent post and choice of lingerie!

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