Missing Mykonos

Did I mention I’ve been to Mykonos? I’m not sure I went on about it enough on social media… Yuuup, I was pretty excited to be off on my travels with Luxe to Kill and a bunch of blogging babes. I’ve not been on a blogging trip for agesss, so it was nice to get back into things (and my new venture into full time blogging) with a visit to one of the Greek Islands on my ‘desperately need to visit’ list. I’d heard so many good things about Mykonos and it definitely lived up to expectations… I feel like it’s become really popular this summer, but I can see why. For a girly glam holiday, with cocktails a plenty and swanky bars/restaurants to visit, it’s a dream! It’s just got that luxury feel – everything is ‘on point’, y’know? If you’re planning a Hen Do, or a fancyyy trip away then Mykonos would be perfect.

Itinerary wise we had six days of visiting the best Mykonos had to offer, fitting in a yacht trip with I Saw It First, lunch with Spectrum Collections at Scorpios and a yummy brunch for Luxe to Kill… Blogger events that revolve around food are alwayyys appealing! We ate some amaaazing grub – I think I’d be happy booking a Mykonos holiday for the food alone!
Another biggie that made the trip was the villa we stayed at – The Crown Estate, Divine Properties (if you fancy a proper nosey!)… How beautiful is it?! Staying somewhere this incredible is bittersweet – budget holidays have always been fine with me but this dream villa has spoilt me, ha! Hoping I’ll stay somewhere this perfect again one day.

Even just having somewhere luxury to take pictures was a massive perk… My white bedroom wall doesn’t quite live up to a glam, Greek villa. I got a little braver with the blog stuff while I was away (I’m alwaysss super self conscious when it comes to taking pictures in front of people!), even doing a bit of Vlogging. I don’t think I’ll ever be cut out to be a vlogger, but it’s nice to have something to look back on from the trip… Other than my posey bikini shots anyway!

I’ve popped the video below for you, if you do fancy a watch… There’s a lot more on what we got up to over in that, with some info on some of the places we visited. Now, time for me to go back to dreaming of being round that pool/sat on a yacht/sipping a Margarita at Nammos.

Lydia xo


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